Capital Credit Union Intranet Example

Credit union intranet examples

Looking for inspiration for your credit union intranet? Our customers have created these intranet examples that have helped them build connected cultures and better employee experiences—no coding knowledge required!  

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Credit union intranet example - Frankenmuth Credit Union

Credit union intranet example #1: automate processes with forms and workflows  

With a credit union intranet, you can easily customize forms and workflows to create efficient processes for member requests and job tracking. When linked to from the homepage of your intranet, each form is quick for every employee to access and use. 

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Credit union intranet example - Screenshot of LOC Credit Union

Credit union intranet example #2: build an engaging company culture 

Bring your company culture to life with a credit union intranet that’s inclusive and engaging. Post birthday wishes, give kudos, and mark milestones together, especially if your team has more recently been united through a merger or acquisition. 

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Credit union intranet example: Wheelhouse CU

Credit union intranet example #3: feel confident about compliance 

Track member feedback and complaints in one centralized location. When audit time rolls around, feel confident about your regulatory compliance when you can easily access and share historical records with your legal team. 

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Hickam FCU Intranet Example

Credit union intranet example #4: decentralize intranet management 

Create a credit union intranet with a user-friendly UI and easy customization to share your intranet governance and management amongst your departments. That way, one department won’t find themselves solely responsible for intranet management.  

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OUCU intranet example

Credit union intranet example #5: centralize document management

By centralizing important information and documents on your credit union intranet, your team can find everything they need, whenever they need it, without your help. Eliminate silos and reduce back and forths to streamline productivity for everyone. 

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Nova Credit Union Intranet Example

Credit union intranet example #6: modernize your employee hub 

Modernize the look and feel of your credit union intranet with easy-to-use design customization options. Use your existing brand guidelines to build an intranet that not only looks modern but feels modern. 

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