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Experience the only true intranet partnership on the market.

Tired of hidden costs? Feeling the weight of internal comms on your shoulders? We know managing an intranet, or just making sure people have the core information they need when they need it, often falls to someone with an already full plate. Sound familiar? We’re here to help.

Our proven process will help you develop the skills and tools you need to gain confidence in your role.

Competitor’s approach…

Group 8 Build Plan Launch

Their process is rigid and linear. You’ll pay extra for onboarding, professional services, and even support.

Here's how we help…


Our experts dive deep into pain points, blind spots, and day-to-day challenges to uncover what’s working and what’s not at every level of your org chart. Average timeline: 1 week. Cost: included.

Armed with benchmarks and industry expertise, we create a project plan to meet your needs now and in the long-term. Average timeline: 2 months. Cost: included.

Your dedicated team of internal comms experts guide you through your platform configuration to protect your time and minimize business impact. Average timeline: 1 month. Cost: included.

Take advantage of 2-hour private training sessions to get your employees up to speed as soon as you launch. Average timeline: 1 day. Cost: included.

Receive ongoing support and intranet optimization plans, with expert support to guide you every step of the way. This is our ongoing commitment to you. Cost: included.

Our process is agile and interactive. Everything is included for a single, defined price.

You’ll actually enjoy working with us.

When we say partner, we mean it. Our clever communicators, software specialists, and customer experience team are equipped with best practices to support your strategy and help you realize the intranet of your dreams.

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The team at Hickam FCU completing a card sorting exercise for their new financial intranet

Obsessed with your success.

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