Compliance Management

When it comes to compliance, all you have to lose is everything.

Keep compliant across distributed teams and ever-evolving regulations. Our tech handles the grunt work so you can focus on your actual job. No file sifting. No missed deadlines. No panicking.

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Getting tech support

Manage compliance with confidence.

Stay on top of regulatory change

Collect policies, procedures, and risk assessments and discuss the latest regulatory requirements in a dedicated online space.

Control your data

Protect your information from unwelcome surprises like cyberattacks and breaches with our trusted security and server support.

Speed up the policy lifecycle

Send policy review notifications to the assigned approver and track policy status without lifting a finger.

Free up IT

Update content for accuracy and compliance without asking IT. Assign editing privileges to control access to your most sensitive information.

Find the latest information

Search your intranet by keyword or query to make sure you have all the information you need, from files to videos to helpful team members.

Be audit-ready, always

Create audit and access logs in clicks. User read confirmations and previous document versions are stored and tracked in real-time.

What our clients are saying.

One of the pushes to get the intranet up was that it would help us achieve CARF-accreditation. We needed to prove that we had a system to keep documents accessible and updated. The document management system is so easy to organize, and the policy manager tool ensures standards and policies are kept up to date. The surveyor was so impressed they had never seen a filing system so easy to use.

Allison McLain
Director of Communications and Development, Wyandot Behavioral Health Network

Ultimately, this software has allowed us to deliver the right communications to the right people, at the right time, on the right channels. We’re seeing improved communications performance, compliance, and employee behaviors as a result.

Kristofer Stamp
Communications Manager, OE Federal Credit Union

Employees accessing outdated documents, policies, and forms is a concern for any financial institution. Moving to IC, we eliminated this worry through providing direct access to only approved materials on our financial intranet. This has saved our employees hours locating and confirming they are using the right version of each document, which translates to real ROI.

Angie Yates
Project Manager, InTouch Credit Union
How It Works

Our cloud-based and on-premise software solutions make compliance less daunting.

Designate a compliance corner on your intranet.

Keep all your compliance information in one spot so you never miss a deadline or detail. Share a compliance calendar with your colleagues to set review timelines and ongoing training expectations. Keep a risk assessment forum and share the latest regulatory updates to keep compliance top of mind.

Streamline policy and procedure workflows.

Review and approve policies faster with automated document routing and the Policy Review Dashboard. View all compliance documents in one spreadsheet for quick reference. Assign approvers, monitor policy statuses, and automatically send upcoming deadline notifications.

Centralize your knowledge into a single source (of truth).

Keep all your policies, standards, files, and company information safe in an easily accessible, central location. Add truth to your single source by making sure all uploaded documents are always up-to-date.

Decide between on-prem and cloud-based hosting.

We provide secure cloud servers hosted in Canada, or you can host your data in-house. The choice is yours to make but we can help you decide. In case you were wondering, our server security adheres to international security standards and we use best practices to encrypt and secure all communications.

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