Nova Credit Union Intranet Example

Intranet design examples

Check out these intranet design examples that our customers created. The best part? These have all been created through the front-end of the software by non-IT admins, with no coding required!

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Hickam FCU Intranet Example

Intranet design example #1: create customizable icons that grab attention and inspire engagement

No one wants to live in shades of grey, and adding a little color to your intranet not only enhances design, but also enhances engagement. Make navigation to important pages quick and intuitive with custom icons that take employees to important resources right from the home page.

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Credit union intranet examples: Wheelhouse Credit Union

Intranet design example #2: quick links enforce a robust single source of truth

Having quick links visible right on the homepage of your intranet helps reinforce your single source of truth. The less friction there is for employees to access important information, the easier it is to achieve adoption rates of 98% and higher.

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Screenshot of SouthSide Bank

Intranet design example #3: create a thriving office culture with the help of an engaging intranet

You may have your values written on the wall, but if you’re not living them in leadership and rewarding team members for doing the same, it’s unlikely your office culture is what you expect it to be. Reinforce your community through personalized, visually appealing intranet design theme and customized features.

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IC Intranet Design

Intranet design example #4: using an intranet in a crisis

What does a fully functional intranet look like, and what does that mean for crisis communication? We reached out an IC client to hear how they have been using their intranet as part of their crisis comms strategy throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Credit union intranet example - Frankenmuth Credit Union

Intranet design example #5: a memorable name
= better adoption

One of the key things we’ve noticed when it comes to driving intranet adoption is selecting a name for your intranet. To increase adoption and engagement rates, your intranet name should be memorable and relatable to your employees.

Here are three ideas for naming your intranet, plus 15 real client intranet name examples to use for inspiration.

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Credit union intranet example - Screenshot of LOC Credit Union

Intranet design example #6: display key information at the center

Use an engaging intranet storyboard to highlight important news, updates, and events on your intranet, and make use of imagery to really make your stories pop!

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Capital Credit Union Intranet Example

Intranet design example #7: create content that inspires

As an internal communicator, how can you focus on creating quality content? A beautiful design sets the scene but is only the starting point for intranet utilization and engagement. Learn how to create content that inspires, to see the results for the long-term.

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