Modern Intranet Buyer’s Guide: 5 Steps to Success

By Darian Mavandad
September 2, 2022
1 min read
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Modern Intranet Buyers Guide Cover

Buying the right intranet can be a tricky task to navigate, especially for first time buyers. The modern intranet has many features that can quickly overwhelm a steering committee, and with all the options out there, it can be hard to know what to look for and the right questions to ask. Learn how to navigate the complexities of buying an intranet by downloading this eBook.

Download this eBook and get:

  • Instructions on how to go through each step of the intranet buying process, including:
    1. How to evaluate the purpose of your intranet
    2. How to build an intranet business case and pitch it to your leadership team
    3. How to create an evaluation plan
    4. How to analyze all the current intranet solutions on the market
    5. How to seek social proof
  • An Intranet Business Case Pitch Template
  • A Vendor Response Questionnaire Template

From all of us at IC, we wish you the best on your journey to buying a new intranet.

By Darian Mavandad

Darian has a degree from McGill University, and joined IC to empower internal communicators by creating content that inspires. In his free time, he loves traveling, reading, and skiing.

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