OUCU Financial achieves 98% monthly intranet software adoption rate

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  • Employee adoption: Achieved a consistent 98% employee adoption within the first few months
  • Time savings: Knowledge base feature saves 5-10 hours of employee time each week
  • Overall efficiencies: Intranet forms and workflows replace PDF forms and provide time and effort efficiencies

“We were able to achieve 98% intranet adoption pretty darn fast, within a few months of our launch. Over the last few years, we’ve been able to stay there consistently as our employee base continues to find new ways to engage on our intranet.”

– Curtis Lewis, Project Coordinator and IT Administration Specialist, OUCU Financial

About OUCU Financial

OUCU Financial, (OUCU) is proud to be the first state-chartered university credit union in Ohio. Founded in 1955 and headquartered in Athens, Ohio, the financial institution now has over 100 employees, 12 ATMs, and account access online and by phone. OUCU has over 26,000 members and $471 million in assets.

OUCU employees have been driven by their motto of “people helping people” throughout their history.

The problem: no single source of truth

Without an intranet solution, the team at OUCU found that interdepartmental and organization-wide communication was lacking, and employees were struggling to find the information they needed to complete their work.

In 2018, OUCU began evaluating intranet vendors. Curtis Lewis, Project Coordinator and IT Administration Specialist at OUCU, helped make the final choice. Their criteria for choosing intranet software included:

  • The overall customizability and versatility of the intranet software
  • The ability to create a knowledge base within the intranet software

The solution: IC’s intranet software

Ultimately, OUCU decided to partner with IC to improve their internal communications by providing a centralized space where employees could communicate and easily find information relevant to their work. IC’s intranet software was also highly customizable and allowed the OUCU team to build a robust knowledge base within the platform.

With the support of IC, Curtis began the implementation process by meeting with each department to determine their requirements for the intranet. Next, Curtis and his team designed a site to match each department’s needs. Meanwhile, they also created the intranet’s home page to provide easy access to important links, documents, news, and events (such as employee anniversaries and birthdays). Within a few months, the intranet was ready for launch.

“Throughout the implementation process, the IC team was on hand to answer any development questions we ran into and trained us thoroughly on design elements. We were very happy with the availability and quality of our support team.”

– Curtis Lewis, Project Coordinator and IT Administration Specialist, OUCU

The result: an efficient & engaging single source of truth

Since adopting IC’s intranet software, OUCU has seen the following results:

Result #1: intranet statistics reveal consistent 98% employee adoption

IC’s intranet software includes a statistics feature that helps organizations measure all kinds of metrics related to their intranet usage. At OUCU, the team is proud to have achieved a consistent adoption rate of 98%. Due to a successful intranet launch, OUCU was also able to achieve this result within the first few months of first adopting IC’s intranet software and maintained its adoption rate over the last few years.

Curtis and his group also track other intranet statistics monthly, including engagement, people stats, content stats, and more. With this information, they build reports that are sent to his management team to showcase the intranet’s value. They also use stats such as “least used applications” to improve the intranet environment.

The OUCU team also use intranet statistics to see which employees aren’t using the intranet. With this information, they can reach out specifically to those people to understand their barriers. In the past, Curtis indicated that he’s also built intranet surveys to understand adoption opportunities better.

“The intranet statistics have been great to track adoption and engagement. I regularly use every facet of this feature.”

– Curtis Lewis, Project Coordinator and IT Administration Specialist, OUCU Financial

Result #2: time savings with easily accessible information

With IC’s intranet software in place, it’s now much easier for OUCU employees to find and access the documents and news they need daily. It’s also much easier for them to collaborate.

The news feed on OUCU’s intranet is constantly active. Curtis noted, “the newsfeed and news pages have been the feature that’s most useful for us,” adding that their IT department uses it for important announcements like outages and changes in their software. Meanwhile, the HR department uses the newsfeed to announce new hires, promotions, and updates about employee benefit plans. On OUCU’s newsfeed, you’ll also find plenty of fun employee activities such as book clubs, blogs, and lunch menus.

In addition, with the knowledge base feature, employees can easily find the critical training and documentation they need. Before adopting IC’s intranet software, finding the information they needed could take much longer, but their new intranet has made these tasks much faster:

“Having information in one place has definitely saved us a lot of time. Right now, I’d say the biggest time saver is our training inside our knowledge base. I would say it saves an overall five to ten hours per week for our staff, seeing as now they don’t need to ask someone else to find what they need. We’re even re-organizing our knowledge base right now to make things even more efficient.”

– Curtis Lewis, Project Coordinator and IT Administration Specialist, OUCU Financial

Result #3: efficiencies from intranet forms

IC’s intranet software can handle anything from the simplest to the more complex forms. Using the forms feature in their intranet, OUCU has also seen time and effort efficiencies. As Curtis put it, the intranet’s forms feature “really shines”, especially from the IT team’s perspective.

OUCU has now replaced many of its previous PDF forms with intranet forms, which has allowed them to automate workflows and track results much more quickly. Although their IT team builds most of their forms and workflows, each one only takes “about five minutes”, and the process is much smoother than the one used previously.

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