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What’s your winning strategy in the talent war?

Without proper training and easy-to find-information, your employees will perform poorly and your turnover rate will soar. Empower your new hires and seasoned employees to get up to speed in less time, with less paperwork.

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Robust communications tools for small but mighty HR teams.

Give a warm welcome

Introduce new hires as real people, not job titles. Connect colleagues and leaders in real-time with fun facts and employee spotlights.

Centralize learning resources

Get the learning started with pre-populated videos and documents. Cover basic questions so you can fill in the gaps later.

Create onboarding workflows and checklists

Speed up the onboarding process with powerful workflows, checklists, and onboarding documents all stored in your central repository.

Track onboarding progress

Monitor the entire onboarding process with new hire profiles and escalate high-priority tasks. Ensure every form is filled out line-by-line and every message is understood.

Find everyone in one place

Empower new hires with a robust knowledge base. Easily search for information by keyword and filter files by team or department.

Amplify new voices

Gain fresh perspective from fresh minds. Dedicate space for new hires to spark conversation, ask great questions, and provide feedback early and often.

What our clients are saying…

We onboard over 400 employees each winter and summer. By automating the process, we’ve saved hundreds of admin hours! Once an employee is hired, they receive all the documents they need through the push communication extension, linking to the information stored on our intranet.

Jen Dekkers
HR Coordinator, Sun Peaks Resort LLP

SharePoint always had to be customized and managed by IT. Now our IC intranet is a full corporate strategy for us. People don’t see it as an IT program or an IT department initiative anymore, they see how HR uses it to communicate, executives use it, the entire company uses it to connect, and employees now get information in an expedient manner through it.

Robert Mann
VP of Information Technology, Westminster Canterbury

Amica Senior Lifestyles was going through a series of acquisitions. We needed a central platform to share the company objectives and keep everyone in the know. IC made it easy for us to bring more value to our employees, and the client experience.

Sarah Santaluce
Manager of Strategic Brand Partnerships, Amica Senior Lifestyles
How It Works

Make onboarding, training programs, and materials easy and accessible for your entire organization.

Start with a pre-boarding checklist.

Making a great first impression starts before day one. Create company-wide checklists to get equipment, HR forms, training videos, and learning material sorted ahead of time. With the nitty-gritty handled, your new hires can spend their first few days getting to know their teammates and all things [insert your company name here].

Create a custom onboarding experience.

Reduce information overload with a dedicated employee onboarding site. Customize onboarding workflows by role, send automatic deadline reminders, and track learning progress in real-time. Never chase another compliance document or HR form again.

Improve with employee feedback.

Once the probationary period is up, check in with an anonymous survey, fully integrated into your intranet platform. Ask your new hires to help you improve your onboarding process and take time to clarify any outstanding information gaps. Turn your insight into action by changing up workflows or adding new training material in just a few clicks.

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