Centralized Information

Kill the communication headache.

Your talents extend beyond file sorting and version checking. Centralize your information into one source of truth so your teams can find everything they need, whenever they need it, without your help.

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Cut through the chatter with centralized information.

Goodbye silos

Reduce the margin for error and misunderstanding by improving communication clarity and delivery.

Reduce back and forths

Stop answering redundant questions with hyper-organized sources of information teams can reference at any time.

Enable flow

Reduce emailing, file sifting, and sitting in meetings. Ensure your team members have all the information to do their best work without interruption.

Connect your hybrid workforce

Break down barriers to meaningful connection. Build a rich online culture where everyone feels a strong sense of purpose.

Target messaging

Use push notifications to alert communication channels by team or function to help your employees stay on top of deliverables and find relevant information faster.

Increase accountability

Activate read receipts and track engagement metrics to encourage effective communication across messaging channels.

What our clients are saying.

When you’re dealing with as many resources and coworkers as we do, to be able to look them up and connect with them in a fast-paced environment, IC’s intranet software is the tool. No matter where an employee is or what sort of device they’re using, this co-created database has become our most widely-used electronic resource.

Kristin Wilkes
Senior Manager of Information Technology Services, District of West Vancouver

We don’t use all staff emails. Our intranet is our one source of information. IC has bridged the miles between our employees who are now working remotely across the state.

Brianna Ludwig
Deputy State Auditor, North Dakota’s State Auditor’s Office

We’ve been able to streamline communications and drive users towards a centralized single source of information that’s maintained by department stakeholders instead of relying solely on our IT department. It’s really generated a lot of excitement, and it’s great seeing employees so engaged.

David Limero
Vice President and Information Technology Manager, Florence Bank
How It Works

Get your intranet up and running in 90 days. Minimal IT required.

No more communication gymnastics.

Stop sitting through meetings that could have been an email. Stop sending emails when you have intranet. Centralize all your information and documents into one searchable source of truth. Automatically integrate messages with Slack, Teams, email, or SMS for a simple, streamlined experience.

Enforce mandatory tasks with creative tools.

Collect the feedback and signatures you need. Drag-and-drop custom widgets like surveys, polls, and questionnaires onto your homepage and send signature requests for HR or compliance documents. Track who’s completed what and automatically notify employees of approaching deadlines.

Reach your employees where they’re at.

Use our Push communications extension to send messages to the right user, at the right time, on their preferred channel. Take it to the next level by turning on read receipts to keep employees accountable and responsive to every request.

Gain end-to-end
communications insight.

Our analytics dashboard is your leadership team’s dream. Uncover key engagement metrics, including likes, comments, and open rates. Turn your insight into action to continuously reach for and exceed your communication goals.

Industries we specialize in.

OUCU Financial achieves 98% monthly intranet software adoption rate

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