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July 7, 2014
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We are always excited to hear about the success our customers experience through implementing a new intranet software. These stories are inspiring, motivating, and reaffirming to the team hard at work on your IC intranets.

So when a customer success story like ‘Dwight – The Credit Union Intranet’ comes along, we can’t help but share it with you, the rest of our IC family.

Dwight- A simple credit union intranet software

Pima Federal Credit Union, a credit union in Arizona, has grown over the last few years to 51,000 members, 150 employees, and expanded into seven different locations throughout the southwest region of the USA.

Given this growth, Pima Federal Credit Union needed an intranet that would help their executives stay connected with employees across all locations and centralize important resources online, not to mention translate and infuse their corporate culture throughout their branches. Ultimately, Pima Federal Credit Union wanted an intranet solution that would engage employees quickly, and provide support for them regardless of geographic location.

Searching for A Better Match

This was not Pima Federal Credit Union’s first rodeo with intranet software, having formerly deployed a Bitrix intranet. However, shortly after implementation, they realized their Bitrix solution could not meet their wide-range of needs. Therefore, the team at Pima Federal Credit Union went back out on their intranet search with simplicity and ease-of-use as requirements at the top of their list.

After evaluating, SharePoint and other intranet solutions, they ultimately decided to purchase an intranet from Intranet Connections for the exact reasons they went looking in the first place – SIMPLICITY and EASE-OF-USE.

Ryan Sonnenberg, Community Stewardship Officer at Pima Federal Credit Union, and unofficial intranet administrator/manager summarized the decision saying:

“After evaluating a number of intranets, Intranet Connections was the clear winner. It was so easy to set-up and didn’t require the purchase of extra modules or consultants, as SharePoint would. Being a financial firm we are quite focused on security, so it was also important that we kept our information in-house on our servers. Intranet Connections could deliver just that.”


Seeking the Best to Become the Best

Immediately after deploying Intranet Connections, the Pima Federal Credit Union intranet was given the name “Dwight”, after Dwight Schrute, the ‘Employee Know-It-All’, from the hit TV series The Office. Given this name, their credit union intranet developed a persona and personality of its own, living up to the “Employee Know-it-All” name, because of its ability to easily locate popular resources, company information and centralizing social forums for the credit union.

“The goal of deploying our intranet, Dwight, has always been to help our team members feel more connected and appreciated. A nice benefit of having connected, happy team members is this generally translates to connected, happy credit union members.” – Ryan Sonnenberg, Community Stewardship Officer

credit union intranet pima federal credit union

With the ultimate goal to become one of Arizona’s top employers, Pima Federal Credit Union worked tirelessly to make sure Dwight would engage, inspire, organize, and connect employees. After a short time, they achieved exactly that and continue to deliver benefits to employees and members including:

A Credit Union Intranet Solution that Works

Since the launch of Dwight last August, the credit union’s time-cost savings and employee engagement have skyrocketed. With over 150 employees across seven different branches, finding and utilizing the most up-to-date version of documents proved to be a daily struggle for employees. By moving all paper documents online with our Credit Union Intranet, Pima Federal Credit Union has benefited from significant time-cost savings.

credit union intranet ryan sonnenberg

“Our time-costs savings since moving to Intranet Connections is incalculable for us. We have eliminated sending 15 to 20 company-wide emails daily and avoided recreating well over 850 documents on our intranet. Talk about cost savings!”

– Ryan Sonnenberg, Community Stewardship Officer

Dwight not only made daily business processes easier for employees, it got them talking and interested into what was happening within the company and on their intranet. This got the ball rolling for the Executive Team to jump on-board and begin releasing weekly blogs from the CEO, VP of Human Resources, and other various credit union executives. Through the use of our Credit Union Intranet, the Executive Team was able to engage with their employees on a more personal level.

Driving Company Culture with Intranet Connections

staff at pima federal credit union

Dwight delivered in every area Pima Federal Credit Union wanted to improve. However, one really important thing the intranet managed to do was communicate the company culture for all team members and bridge the geographic distance with culture. Through Dwight, Pima Federal Credit Union keeps their employees informed about all the latest company news, events, and activities.

Pima Federal Credit Union’s focus is a culture of appreciation and transparency and with 120 out of their 150 employees logged onto their intranet each day, this is a good indication of how well this message has been received.

To learn more about how Pima Federal Credit Union utilizes a Credit Union Intranet from Intranet Connections, check out our case study: Credit Union Case Study

We would love to hear your intranet success stories. Please comment and share your experiences, tips, and best practices.

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