How Pima Federal Eased The Growing Pains Of Acquisitions

Pima Federal facilites

Customer Profile

Pima Federal Credit Union opened in 1951 and has grown with over 51,000 members, 7 different locations, 150 employees and assets of over $400million (US).

Business Situation

Searching to connect geographically distant employees and replicate their workplace culture online, Pima Federal Credit Union wanted an intranet that would help their executives connect with employees no matter their location, translate their corporate culture online and centralize important resources, such as online forms and policies.


IC’s intranet software provided single, simple intranet platform that delivered all of the above: centralized document management, company-wide communications, online collaboration and employee networking tools.

“Our time-cost savings since moving to IC is incalculable for us. We have eliminated sending 15 to 20 company-wide emails daily and avoided recreating well over 850 documents on our intranet. Talk about cost savings!”

– Ryan Sonnenberg, Community Stewardship Officer, Pima Federal Credit Union BNA


  • Eliminated IT Intranet Administration
  • Centralized Document Management
  • Enabled Executive Involvement
  • Increased Employee Engagement

Ryan Sonnenberg, Community Stewardship Officer at Pima Federal Credit Union, didn’t realize his journey to make his credit union one of the best employers in Arizona would turn him into an intranet guru. IC provided simple, easy-to-use intranet software that allowed Pima Federal Credit Union’s intranet to be deployed and ultimately engage their employees quickly. Their intranet, instantly named – “Dwight”, was given a persona and personality of its own, becoming the ‘Employee Know-it-All’ by easily locating resources, disseminating company information and centralizing social forums for the credit union.

An Endless Commitment to Employee Satisfaction

Pima Federal Credit Union was in search of a solution that would help their executives connect with their employees across seven different branches, as well as provide communication, resources and support for employees no matter their geographic location. Provisioning a solution to meet these needs would be no easy task. Pima Federal Credit Union had been down the intranet deployment road before with their Bitrix intranet solution, when they realized it could never meet their expansive needs.

Determined to get the right resources and support in place for their valued team members, the Pima Federal Credit Union Human Resources Team, IT Team and Executive Team went back to the drawing board evaluating a new set of intranet software vendors that could match their functionality with Pima Federal Credit Union’s drive to deliver a rich online culture and complete resource center for their team.

A Comprehensive, Simple Intranet Solution

After evaluating IC, SharePoint and a number of other cloud-based, SaaS intranet platforms, the Pima Federal Credit Union Team came to a consensus that IC was the right intranet solution.

Ryan Sonnenberg, Community Stewardship Officer at Pima Federal Credit Union, summarizes the decision saying: “After evaluating a number of intranets, IC was the clear winner. It was so easy to set-up and didn’t require the purchase of extra modules or consultants, as SharePoint would. Being a financial firm, we are quite focused on security, so it was also important that we kept our information in-house on our servers. IC could deliver just that.”

Working with the IC’s Support Services Team it took Pima Federal Credit Union’s IT staff a short time to set-up their IC intranet in-house on the Pima Federal Credit Union servers. After that, the Human Resource Department at the credit union took over deploying their intranet to meet the needs and wants of their employees.

“I, a Human Resource employee, have been the primary intranet administrator. Our IT Department was involved in the initial set-up, but other that they have been hands-off. Taking advantage of our hot summers in Arizona, I stayed inside last July and made our vision of ‘Dwight – The Ultimate Employee Know-It-All’ intranet a reality.”

Pima Federal Credit Union, created the persona and personality around their intranet, named Dwight, from the the office know-it-all character Dwight Schrute, from the hit NBC television series The Office. With a laser focus to become one of Arizona’s top employers, Pima Federal Credit Union worked hard to deliver an intranet that would engage, inspire, organize and connect employees. That is exactly what it has done, yielding many benefits to the credit union team, the members and the community.

A Centralized Resource, An Optimal Experience

Document management was one of the first requirements that sent Pima Federal Credit Union searching for an intranet, but it ended up being just one of the many requirements that was filled by IC.

With over 150 employees in seven different branch locations, finding and utilizing the most recent version of a policy or document was a daily struggle for employees on the shared document server. Moving all offline documents online with IC has yielded significant time-cost savings for Pima Federal Credit Union.

“Honestly, the time-savings we benefited from using IC are incalculable. By switching to IC, we were able to quickly and easily manage, update, and create over 850 documents. This process was full-time under our previous intranet provider, now we do it in a matter of minutes.”

– Ryan Sonnenberg, Community Stewardship Officer, Pima Federal Credit Union BNA

Executive Engagement That Inspires

Dwight, Pima Federal Credit Union’s intranet, certainly got employees talking and interested in what was happening on their intranet. The Executive Team quickly got involved with a weekly blog from the CEO, Nathanael Tarwasokono, another from the Vice President of Human Resources, Beverly Armendariz, and many blogs from various other credit union executives.

The Executive Team has become intimately involved with employees on their intranet, so much so that they have an unofficial contest to see which executive can engage with the most employees through their weekly blogs. At this point, Tarwasokono holds the symbolic employee engagement trophy, but Armendariz is still in hot pursuit.

Bridging Geographic Distance with Culture

Dwight delivers more than just resources to Pima Federal Credit Union, he translates the corporate culture for all team members. Focused on a culture of appreciation and transparency, Pima Federal Credit Union keeps their team members informed about all company news and activities seamlessly through their intranet.

With 120 of their 150 employees logged onto their intranet daily, this is a good measurement of how well this message has been received. “The goal of deploying our intranet, Dwight, has always been to help our team members feel more connected and appreciated. A nice benefit of having connected, happy team members is this generally translates to connected, happy credit union members,” Sonnenberg proudly touts. Since the launch of Dwight at Pima Federal Credit Union last August, the time-cost savings and employee engagement have skyrocketed. The benefits are meaningful, measurable and continue to grow.

“Honestly, the time-savings we benefited from using IC are incalculable.”

– Ryan Sonnenberg, Community Stewardship Officer, Pima Federal Credit Union BNA