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We have deep roots in finance, and we’re still leading the charge. We are committed to helping you grow your membership and better serve your community.

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Save HR from losing talent.

Employee turnover is expensive. To compete with big banks, you need to lead people-first with fewer resources. That means implementing intranet solutions that streamline onboarding, centralize information, and drive engagement so HR can provide a better employee experience and retain top talent from branch to branch.

Enable IT to do more with less.

Take the load off IT so they can focus on high-value tasks. Build a dedicated knowledge base to share regulatory updates and policy and procedures without any code or IT involvement. Enjoy trusted encryption across your platform and choose between secure cloud servers hosted in Canada, or have IT host your data in-house.

Centralize marketing communications.

Create a repository of marketing assets and communications for your marketing manager and their frontline team. Our intranet makes it easy to build brand awareness and update information in real-time across multiple branches and remote workers. With our push communication feature, send and manage messages across Slack, Teams, email, or SMS from one platform. Enable read receipts and push notifications to keep your employees accountable.

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Our previous intranet was so difficult to use, I had to run a half-day training session just for the end users. Anything more advanced like form building required HTML code, and not everyone could do it, even with training. With IC’s intranet software, admin training is minimal because all the custom coding is already done. End users no longer require training because the interface is so intuitive.

Kelly Swanson
Senior e-Commerce Analyst, Travis Credit Union

Employees accessing outdated documents, policies, and forms is a concern for any financial institution. Moving to IC, we eliminated this worry through providing direct access to only approved materials on our financial intranet. This has saved our employees hours locating and confirming they are using the right version of each document, which translates to real ROI.

Angie Yates
Project Manager, InTouch Credit Union

Honestly, our new IC company intranet is so much fun. The fun is also contagious, as we have people now volunteering to own their department pages. It’s great to see the lightbulbs turning on, and we’ve been able to reenergize our employee base during COVID-19. Our intranet is now so easy to update, and I can say truthfully that this is one of my favorite projects I’ve worked on. The IC team is phenomenal, and you guys have really knocked it out of the park!

David Limero
Vice President and Information Technology Manager, Florence Bank

See connection in action.

Personalize your homepage

Choose from 100+ out-of-the-box apps or drag-and-drop our many widgets. Add a mega menu to highlight popular links.

Onboard new hires

Keep your employees engaged from day one. Provide structured training and opportunities to connect with new teammates.

Customize channels

Push employee communications directly to targeted groups on the messaging channel of their choice (Slack, Teams, email, or SMS).

Build custom forms

Have employees fill out compliance, HR, member services, and policy review forms directly on your intranet.

Review regulatory change

Set compliance schedules with automatic deadline notifications to stay on top of policy reviews and changing regulations.

Set user permissions

Give individual team members or groups special permission to upload, read, or edit your pages, channels, and documents.

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Verity facilities
increase in intranet satisfaction
Sasha Kemble
Knowledge Management Specialist, Verity Credit Union

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