Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Intranet Solution?

By Karleen Murphy
January 30, 2017
3 min read
Are you getting the most out of your intranet?

Summary: To ensure you are getting the most out of your intranet solution, this blog covers 7 lesser-known intranet features that have a big impact.

I have the pleasure of working with hundreds of organizations each year to assist with their intranet evaluation process, as well as assess the benefits that an Intranet Connections’ Intranet Solution can provide.

Our process begins by gathering a firm understanding of our customers’ current business challenges, then conducting a product demo that features the specific intranet applications built to meet those needs.

The most commonly used intranet applications include:

However, there are a variety of applications within the software that you may not be using! In this blog, I will walk through a variety of applications within our intranet solution, and how they can be utilized in your organization.

These include:

1. Employee Recognition

Employee recognition is a great way to improve employee engagement within your organization. The Employee Recognition app is an open app meant to be a public application, accessible by employees to recognize a colleague for a job well done. With content posting approval, posts can be reviewed prior to going live.

2. Online Knowledgebase

Your intranet should act as a one-stop shop for all employee information. The answer to “where do I find ____?”, the document repository will certainly help accomplish this. However, for quick questions and answers, an Online Knowledgebase is your best bet. You can create a knowledgebase application for each department, with information displayed through text, images, videos, and uploaded files. Our Enterprise Search functionality even displays a preview of your knowledge base items to pull up information quickly.

3. Resource Library

The Resource Library has a check-in/out feature, which is beneficial for any internal assets that there is only one copy of. These can be physical assets, such as books and company vehicles, or virtual assets like Microsoft License keys.

4. Video Library

You can embed videos on your intranet solution as a resource of information for your staff. Videos are great for marketing updates, how-to questions, or messages from the CEO.  Having a library of all your internal videos makes them easier to locate on your company intranet.

5. Company Store

The Company Store can be used for posting items for sale, such as branded logo wear, or internal inventory tracking. The ability to create multiple company stores on your intranet allows you to use this application in different ways. Some of our current credit union customers, for example, use the Company Store to order office supplies from the main branch.

6. Subscription Renewal Tracking

Most organizations have subscriptions or contracts with a number of different vendors, and tracking the renewal dates may currently be done through an excel spreadsheet. The Appbuilder tool on your intranet allows you to create custom apps, such as contract/subscription tracking. Using folders helps to group these into different types of renewals, and the “review date” reminder field sends auto-notifications when your subscriptions are coming up for renewal.

7. Corporate Contacts

The Employee Directory is a great tool for finding your colleagues within the organization. However, there are likely also external contracts that you need to keep and share with other employees within the company. Corporate Contacts allows you to create lists of external contacts with their contact details, and folders allow you to group them together with security permissions.

These are just a handful of the features available to you in our intranet solution. There are over 100 features built-in to our intranet software, some of which you may not be aware of. To ensure you are getting the most out of your intranet, subscribe to our newsletter for exclusive tips, tricks, and intranet ‘how-tos’. Don’t have an intranet yet? Request a live demo from one of our product experts.

By Karleen Murphy

After receiving her Bachelor of Arts and Graduate Diploma in Business from Simon Fraser University, Karleen gained experience in the software industry teaching Open Text eDocs. She then began a support role at Intranet Connections, quickly becoming a product specialist and eventually moved into her current role as a Client Services Representative. Karleen helps organizations assess the benefits of implementing an Intranet Connections intranet within their organization.

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