Best SharePoint alternative: why IC is the best in the business

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October 4, 2021
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best sharepoint alternative

Discover why many of our customers have switched from SharePoint to a robust SharePoint alternative like IC.

To SharePoint or not to SharePoint, that is the question. Early adopters of a SharePoint Intranet have often called upon us as they found SharePoint was too much work and too costly to actually get off the ground. Although initially, they romanticized customizing the perfect intranet solution with a custom-built SharePoint intranet, they quickly realized it was an unmanageable and cost prohibitive project that likely would never come to fruition. Now they seek an alternative to SharePoint that is a simpler, comprehensive, out-of-the-box solution with reliable customer service and fast installation/implementation. Here’s why:

1. Pricing

When doing research on intranet providers, the cost is often the deciding factor. So let’s cut to the chase; what does the cost comparison look like?

SharePoint pricing is fairly complex, often based on a per user/per month basis. The initial licensing cost for SharePoint varies depending on what tier you’d like. There are a few tiers, and not all tiers include all features that would normally be included in an out-of-the-box intranet, such as enterprise search. This cost would then increase each time a new employee is hired on. This is just the initial licensing fee and doesn’t take into account the implementation costs and ongoing maintenance fees that are necessary with a SharePoint intranet.

2. Complexity

SharePoint is a complicated solution. It’s a massive cumulation of software that was built by a large team of developers. This makes SharePoint a much bigger beast than most people think. Essentially, SharePoint is a collection of tools that aren’t customized to the specific needs of an organization – pushing a “one size fits all” mentality which has been proven time and time again to not work.

IC as a SharePoint alternative is a full-functioning, on-premise or cloud solution. The software is simple, straight forward and easy to customize to the specific needs of your business. Our customer experience team is dedicated to helping you ensure your intranet becomes the single source of truth your organization needs, with the least amount of stress. It’s that simple.

3. Design

While SharePoint gives you the flexibility to customize your intranet, it requires a lot of time and complex custom development. In almost all cases, users need to hire an expensive third-party resource to make simple changes to SharePoint, as it is too complicated to administer themselves with little to no IT background. This is usually an unforeseen cost, as it isn’t included in the licensing or implementation cost, making SharePoint very expensive to run. Below are two stories from customers who were originally using SharePoint, but found it too complicated and costly to administer so they sought out a SharePoint alternative:

With IC, you’ll have an easy-to-use, built-in design functionality. Designing and maintaining your intranet is as easy as pointing-and-clicking – no coding or IT experience necessary! With built-in design tools such as the Simple Design Builder and Advanced Theme Editor, you can completely customize your intranet yourself without any extra cost to you.

Why now is a good time to abandon SharePoint to the best SharePoint alternative

Talking to our happy customers, they shared the compelling reasons why they abandoned their SharePoint intranets in favor of our more simple, yet robust, alternative.

SharePoint is too expensive and time-consuming to maintain, so often they get forgotten or avoided.

IC’s intranet solution is extremely easy to use, which is a significant motivator for our customers to switch from SharePoint. It is easy to implement and get started on, and non-IT staff can easily learn to use and administer it. One of our customers, Diversified Search, was able to full-deploy their new intranet in just 90 days to all of their employees.

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