Top 3 Workplace Problems and Intranet Solutions

By Rory Broderick
February 2, 2018
3 min read

Summary:  Here we discuss the top 3 workplace problems our customers experience, and the intranet solutions which mitigate the troubles.

If your company has never had an intranet solution before, it may be hard to see the time and cost benefits of putting one in place. I mean, things have been working alright up until now right? It’s not until we get to showing our customers our solution and showing them the problems our solution can solve, that most people see the real potential for improvements. These are the top 3 pains an new intranet can help solve.

1. Document Organization

“It’s too difficult to find documents/ information”

This is a complaint I hear all of the time when speaking with potential customers. Whether your files are in a company share drive, saved to a cloud-hosted drive (eg. Dropbox) or maybe just posted to a noticeboard, your employees probably spending a good chunk of their time trying to find the information they need to do their jobs. Of all the issues that drive people to start their search for an intranet solution, this is probably the biggest driver.

With our document and policy management application, you can set a review date for a document, save previous versions and attach a read and confirm requirements to any newly updated/ uploaded document. This means no more outdated information, no more employees saving over previous versions of documents and with our built-in full-text search, no time being wasted by looking through folder after folder for the information you need.

2. Manual and lengthy approval processes

Another source of frustration for a lot of organizations that drives them to search for something new is the fact that any processes that require approval are both manual and time-consuming. Whether is the fact that emails get missed or certain departments are slow to respond getting approval can be a serious roadblock. With an intranet solution, we can take care of all of this with our automatic workflow approval capabilities.

Documents can be automatically routed to the correct individual or department for approval before they get posted. Forms can be filled out online and can be automatically routed to the relevant department. With our forms, the workflow can even be set up to have a different approval path based on what your employee is filling out. This means you don’t need to check who needs to be included in the approval process because it’s all taken care of.

3. Email overload

Email obviously going to be an important communication tool for any organization, but it shouldn’t the only form of communication you have. Most organizations I speak with are looking to improve communication in some way and for the most part, it’s as simple as replacing their all staff emails, (of which most end up straight in the deleted folder), with the news feed on their new intranet. Posting content to a single location where it’s visible to all your staff and allow them to like or interact with the posting in some way really helps to get your employees engaged with what you’re trying to communicate. An intranet can also be used to gather feedback from staff so that you can make the right changes that will work best for your staff.

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By Rory Broderick