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March 26, 2015
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At Intranet Connections, we work hard so that we can play hard. Our dedicated team has been working extra hard on our latest product release, Super Search (now available). Super Search is designed to maximize productivity in the workplace and revolutionize enterprise search. The release includes a completely overhauled search  engine and user interface (UI), with additional features, including:

Since we have been working so hard, our Fearless Founder, Carolyn Douglas, decided to reward us with an official Super Search Launch Party with a search of our own… a Super Search Scavenger Hunt! We were broken into several groups and given a list of tasks to complete. In order to receive credit for completing the task, photographic proof had to be sent to our highly accredited judges, fellow stellar Intranet Connections colleagues. The team with the most points at the end of the allotted time won the highly sought after Super Search Memorial Cup.

Fierce Competition

The tasks ranged from silly things like getting a piggy-back from a stranger and taking a “selfie” with a dog, to more difficult things like finding a license plate with the numbers adding up to eleven and writing a poem about Super Search and leaving it in a public area.

Rather than listing out all the hilarious, sometimes slightly embarrassing, tasks we had to do, we figured we would share the photographic proof with you! Below are just a few highlights from the Super Search Scavenger Hunt.

PleaseMom WoofWoof

Lobster DownfortheCount

As the score board began to rise, the competition heated up. The Intranet Connections team members were really getting into the competitive spirit. Though some of the tasks were a bit more embarrassing than others (see pole dancing below), everyone kept their eyes on the prize.

Parkour  ThunderDownUnder PiggyBack WoofWoof

At this point in the game, judges began accepting bribes. From picking up their favorite tea, to acquiring a double-baked almond croissant; the teams did their best to suck up to the judges in hopes of winning the coveted trophy.

Back at the office, the judges waited patiently for bribes and enjoyed seeing photos of the rest of the Intranet Connections team do ridiculous tasks in public.

SeawallLove Namaste HowFriendly

Namaste  TradeYuh FerryHunting

The Intranet Connections team showed off their parkour skills, slept in department store beds, kissed lobsters, got punched, pole danced, pumped a strangers gas and much more. But only one team could be victorious and win the the Super Search Champion Memorial Cup…

ComfyHeaven  HerefortheShow

The Glory

The scoreboard was fairly even throughout the competition, with three teams almost neck and neck the entire time. But in the final few moments of the competition, one team was able to push forward, putting them in the lead. With a whopping 17,100 points, the winners of the first annual Super Search Scavenger Hunt are….

Team Camtastic!

Will Camtastic be able to defend the trophy next year? Or will we have new victors? Stay tuned for more fun Intranet Connections updates!

For more information about Super Search and how to upgrade, visit our Customer Knowledge Center.

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