4 popular content feeds your company intranet needs

By Paul Marcotte
April 4, 2016
4 min read
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Summary:  Popular content feeds for your company intranet with different use cases, such as sharing news content, social content, and fun content.

Employee engagement and information sharing are two of the primary functions of a company intranet. One of the best ways to promote engagement and keep employees informed is to organize your intranet home page with relevant content feeds via intranet widgets. At Intranet Connections, we strike a balance with our content feeds by having a mix of notable and news items, as well as fun and social content feeds.

Load your company intranet with these 4 types of feeds

1. News & Noteworthy

Three examples of news & noteworthy content feeds are:

  • What’s New Feed
  • Events Calendar Feed
  • Blog Feed

The catch-all feed for promoting items posted to various sources is the What’s New feed. The primary function of this widget is to advertise new content on the intranet to all employees, regardless of where your content is posted. You can advertise the What’s New widget to your intranet home page to get the word out front and center so no one misses it.

Another content feed for promoting upcoming events is an Events Calendar feed where relevant company-related events are posted from a specific calendar. Calendar-based content feeds are a great way to inform employees of upcoming events without having to send an email or memos.

In addition, creating a Blog Feed is a great way to share newsworthy content. You can have various different blogs all fed to your home page so employees can view the content right when they sign on to your intranet. Blogging is a great one-way communication tool for executives to employees, or you have the flexibility to allow all employees to create blogs for a more collaborative approach.


2. Social Content

Two examples of content feeds best used for sharing more social content are:

Employee Milestones display work anniversaries or staff birthdays. It is very popular among our customers too as it helps staff connect with one another. Celebrating birthdays and anniversaries are often part of a company culture that promote recognition for staff achievements, both large and small.

Another feed that is often overlooked, but has good potential for information dissemination is the Wall Post feed. This allows staff to post content to their own wall, or to a colleague’s wall, then feed all the posts to your home page. You can also use it to share images which is a great conversation starter for employees.

3. Just For Fun

The proverb, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” can just as easily apply to your company intranet as it can to you or I. Smart intranet admins sprinkle in some content just for fun to keep the intranet from becoming dull. Quick Polls are a great way to introduce content and engage employees in ways that can be both fun and relevant. A Photo Album feeds is another great way to add fun and engaging content easily to your intranet home page for staff to share photos of company events.

A few other notable examples of fun, engaging feeds you can  use are:

  • Recipe Exchange
  • Weather Feed
  • Daily Tips Feed

4. Content Feeds for your Company Intranet

There are many other content feed options available as widgets within Intranet Connections (and more are planned with an upcoming release…stay tuned!).

Occasionally, we change our own home page to mix up the content and/or add a new custom code widget. Despite any changes, the birthday, anniversary, what’s new, gallery and wall post feeds are stalwart content feeds that we both use and recommend for your company intranet.

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By Paul Marcotte

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