Simple employee profile tips and tricks to get noticed

By Michael Kosiba
July 21, 2017
4 min read

Summary: We highlight the importance of having an engaging Employee Profile and how to make yours stand out with hidden tips and tricks.

We recently started sharing a series of blog posts highlighting the profiles of our very own employees at IC, including Monica Zlotnik (HR) and Karleen Murphy (Client Services). Engagement comes when people see the ‘human-side’ of organizations, so there’s no better way to increase engagement in your company than by having Employee Profiles that shine! We’ve covered some unique ways to build an employee profile, but below takes you through the step-by-step instructions to achieve your all-star status on the company intranet.

An Employee Profile is your chance to showcase your personality and provide insights into your role or team that may not be immediately apparent to others. It’s a great way to help others understand more about who you are and what you do, and is an important part of building out your Company Org Chart; having a complete list of employees is a great asset for every company.

Try these easy employee profile tips and get noticed

1. How to edit your profile

As part of Intranet Connections’ People directory, Employee Profile is accessible from your intranet homepage. Click the pencil icon and start editing!
Some must-haves on your profile:

  • A photo – to place a face with a name
  • Contact details – extension, email address, personal number (in case of emergency)
  • Job description – Not your literal job description, but rather how you would explain your role to your mom, or a friend over drinks
  • Personal info – The kind of things you’d share at the water cooler: That you LOVE Game of Thrones, or you are a collector of old Arcade Games.. (be careful of suffering from TMI)
  • Milestones – Add in your Birthday and Work Anniversary dates so that those milestones can be celebrated

2. Useful features

The rich-text editor built-in to your intranet solution helps you create visually-appealing content. Tools are in place to ensure that the content you put into your profile comes out just the way you want it to. Say that you have some beautiful content written up in a Word document, use the ‘Word-Paste’ feature to preserve your formatting.
In addition to all the Rich-Text formatting options, you can also insert tables, links, emojis, special characters, and even gifs or videos. Ask us about the time we embedded flash-based games on our profiles. Bejeweled high scores!

TIP: For those HTML-inclined, you can even edit the source code yourself. This allows for all kinds of fancy design customizations but makes sure to stay within reasonable limits. Nobody likes a comic-sans, rainbow-background, animated gif forest.

3. Make your Employee Profile stand out

Break up sectors of your content into easily-digestible sizes. Use paragraph breaks and bullet points to help make your content stand out. Quality relevant content will help your profile stand-out in employee searches.

With the recent release of Intranet Insights, you could be surprised to learn that searches begin less often with a name and more often with a set of skills or keywords related to that employee. Thus, make sure to tag your profile with the relevant skills and areas of expertise you hold. For example, if you’re in a larger organization, you may not remember the name of that project manager in the next state over, but you do know his/her role and the project they are working on.

Go the extra mile with your profile by updating it frequently. Even a status update is a useful way to showcase what you’re up to. Out of the office next week? Schedule your status update to reflect when you’re unavailable, or what you’re focusing on.

TIP: A life-hack way of ensuring you don’t neglect your profile: Add an RSS Feed from your favorite sites around the web so that you visit often, and are inclined to make more frequent updates.

To be cliché, you get out what you put into your intranet solution, but it’s true. Think of it in terms of finding relevant search results on Google. You want relevant content about yourself, and your role, on your profile so that when others search for you, you are readily and easily discovered. Take the time to put in a dash of extra information about yourself and it will not only help others around the office get to know you, but it will also help increase the efficiency of work that you are part of. Shine on!

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By Michael Kosiba