Credit union intranet examples we love

By Darian Mavandad
November 30, 2022
4 min read

At Intranet Connections, we have built deep, long-lasting relationships with credit unions throughout the US. From the first demo to the continued support we provide all our customers, we strive to empower organizations with new ways to communicate and connect with their workforce. Creating a culture of collaboration and empowering employees with software that makes their lives more efficient is paramount today, as retention becomes increasingly difficult. Here are a few credit union intranet examples that we love, and that may even provide some inspiration to you as you shop for or optimize your intranet!

1. Hickam Federal Credit Union intranet example

Located on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Oahu, Hickam FCU needed an intranet that inspired and enhanced the lives of their 110 employees. When they partnered with IC, they had a high maintenance and uninteresting Microsoft intranet that required all changes and uploads go through their IT and Marketing departments—taking up about 90-95 hours per year .

With the new, easier-to-use UI that IC’s software provided, Hickam FCU has intranet admins in each department who take responsibility for uploading and maintaining forms, documents, policies, and knowledge-based content on their individual team sites. Since switching to IC, Hickam FCU’s IT and Marketing departments have been mostly hands-off with the intranet (except for their own department sites, of course!). This was a major accomplishment for Hickam FCU, and a main goal from the get-go.

Furthermore, the entire credit union was brought together to collaborate on the intranet. Now, there are fun and engaging parts of the intranet that help colleagues at Hickam FCU get to know one another better. The event calendar is a big improvement—showcasing community initiatives that, prior to the new intranet, had a complicated sign-up process on a shared drive. Now community service sign-up through online forms on IC’s intranet saves time and no longer clutters inboxes with announcements and reminders.

Screenshot comparing Hickam FCU's intranet before and after using IC's financial intranet solution

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2. Frankenmuth Credit Union intranet example

Before migrating to IC’s software solution, Frankenmuth CU, with over $1 billion in assets and 400 employs across 30 branches located in Michigan, had a rigid and unengaging SharePoint intranet. The team often described their old intranet as “clunky” and “antiquated”, and intranet adoption was suffering.

After moving to IC’s credit union intranet software, Frankenmuth CU saw major improvements across the board. Today, Frankenmuth CU sees approximately 85% of all employees access the intranet within a given month, and more than half of the entire employee base actively posts, comments, submits forms, and updates their personal status regularly.

Workflows that affect member experience have also been streamlined with IC’s intranet forms feature. When a customer fills in an online form for a member service request (such as a loan or mortgage application, credit or debit card request, etc.), that submission is picked up by an internal team member, who then takes the information and submits it onto one of Frankenmuth CU’s main intranet forms. The status of any specific submission type is all housed in one place, making it easy for employees to clearly identify which requests are still open and which are closed. Between three to four key forms on Frankenmuth CU’s intranet, there are upwards of 10,000 submissions per month!

Homepage screenshot of Frankenmuth Credit Union's credit union intranet software

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3. OUCU Financial’s credit union intranet example

Without an intranet solution, the team of over 100 at OUCU Financial found that interdepartmental and organization-wide communication was lacking, and employees were struggling to find the information they needed to complete their work.

OUCU decided to partner with IC to improve their internal communications by providing a centralized space where employees could communicate and easily find information relevant to their work. IC’s intranet software was also highly customizable and allowed the OUCU team to build a robust knowledge base within the platform.

IC’s intranet software includes a statistics feature that helps organizations measure all kinds of metrics related to their intranet usage. At OUCU, the team is proud to have achieved a consistent adoption rate of 98%. Due to a successful intranet launch, OUCU was also able to achieve this result within the first few months of first adopting IC’s intranet software and maintained its adoption rate over the last few years. With IC’s intranet software in place, it’s now much easier for OUCU employees to find and access the documents and news they need daily. It’s also much easier for them to collaborate.

Finally, OUCU has now replaced many of its previous PDF forms with intranet forms, which has allowed them to automate workflows and track results much more quickly. Although their IT team builds most of their forms and workflows, each one only takes “about five minutes”, and the process is much smoother than the one used previously.

OUCU intranet

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4. Your credit union intranet here!

Ready to add your own credit union intranet as an example that inspires others? Start the journey of improving collaboration, employee experience, and efficiency with an intranet by booking a demo with Intranet Connections. We can’t wait to see what you accomplish!

By Darian Mavandad

Darian has a degree from McGill University, and joined IC to empower internal communicators by creating content that inspires. In his free time, he loves traveling, reading, and skiing.