4 Ways a Business Intranet can Improve Customer Service

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December 1, 2018
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Summary: 4 ways your front-line employees can better utilize a business intranet to support your customers.

In nearly every organization, there is a team dedicated to talking to customers and improving the customer experience. These are your front-line employees, either selling your product, offering support or managing your accounts, and they are critical to the success of your organization.

A bad customer experience can be detrimental to an organization. It’s imperative to weave excellent custom service into the fabric of your business, starting with your customer-facing employees. Here are 4 ways a business intranet can help provide a better customer experience and contribute to overall customer success:

1.  Show Customer Appreciation

Nothing creates a positive relationship between your organization and your customers than customer appreciation. And there is no one better to assist with customer appreciation than your front-line staff! This can be anything from sending them a gift on their 5, 10 and 15 year anniversaries with your company, to something as small as sending them a hand-written note. Your business intranet can act as a customer database with this type of information in it to keep track of upcoming customer milestones.

Another great way to show customer appreciation is by adding a personal touch to the way you do business. During the sales process, or on a customer support call, pay attention; you may find out a unique fact about your customer. For example, if a customer mentions in passing that they have an upcoming surgery, send them a get well card! Keep track of these facts on your business intranet for later reference.

2. Share Product Information

If you sell a product or service, sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with product/service updates or add-ons. And if you have a product that has had many updates, the people working on it when it first came out are likely not the same people working on it now. Therefore, it’s important to have a product knowledgebase that contains all product information, from updates to add-ons to a comprehensive feature list. This allows front-line employees to quickly look up and reference anything product related if a customer asks a question.

3. Collect Customer Feedback

Your front-line staff are always lending an ear to your customers, so they are in the best position to find out how your organization can improve. The only problem is, candid customer feedback often doesn’t get recorded anywhere. That’s where your business intranet can come in! Your customer-facing employees can record customer feedback anywhere on your intranet. A great tool to use for this are Discussion Forums, where employees can create a discussion board for customer feedback. This will bring all ideas to one spot where employees can address and discuss them.

4. Promote Company Wins

A company win should be shared and celebrated by all! But with everyone busy doing their day-to-day work functions, a win may go unnoticed if their department didn’t directly contribute to the win. Utilizing the Company News application on your business intranet, your front-line staff can promote company wins so that everyone in your organization is aware.

Did Sales make a sale? Did Account Management talk an angry customer off the ledge? Did Support solve a complicated issue and receive glowing reviews? These are all company wins and they deserve to be shared with the entire organization!

Better Serve Customers with a Business Intranet

While you may not always be able to avoid an angry customer, you can make sure quality customer service is built-in to your corporate culture, starting with better utilizing your business intranet to provide a great customer experience.

Share your tips for delivering quality customer service in the comments section below. Or request a personalized demo of our business intranet software to see how you can improve your customer service today.

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