3 Ways to Create Effective Communication Through an Intranet Storyboard

By Laura M. Balster
November 9, 2020
5 min read
learn 3 ways to create an effective communication in the workplace using an intranet storyboard

A picture is worth a thousand words, and you’ve heard this phrase many times. With the intranet Storyboard, the value could be much higher. Since its introduction in IC’s intranet 14.5, the Storyboard has become one of our intranet’s most popular features. More than ever before, organizations are creating effective communication in a fun and engaging way.

Due to current changes in the work environment and rapidly evolving technologies, financial institutions are looking for new ways to improve their communications. These organizations use images and videos on Storyboards to share important company information. This critical company information includes changes in policies and regulations. You can share staffing and training opportunities, messages from leaders, and more.

Through this feature, organizations can visually share company news rather than simple text, which is easier to consume. The visual element of a Storyboard makes the material much more interesting and more enjoyable to read. Staff members look forward to discovering the next exciting post on their Storyboard.

example of an intranet storyboard to help you implement effective communication in workplace

Through an intranet Storyboard, users can easily bring new content to life. Click the Storyboard icon, ‘add a story,’ and upload a link to a video (including social services such as YouTube and SoundCloud) or an image. Add content and give your story a title. The steps taken to create a new post are straightforward – the result is quite powerful. 

With an up-to-date Storyboard, keep your employees informed and engaged. Clearly identify new items, and track the # of clicks to show traction. It is easy to see which stories have been read and by how many staff members. This valuable feedback helps plan the most effective strategy for communicating the subject matter in the future.

Financial institutions can improve communications, whether it’s top-down or for a cross-team project. They do so by maintaining a Storyboard with eye-catching images that pique interest. Keep your employees in the loop who are working in different locations.

How can a Storyboard create effective communication within your organization?

  • Share important information with your staff
  • Promote community events
  • Enhance user experience and boost employee morale

1. Keep the Team Informed

Knowledge is power! Many organizations believe that employee empowerment is the company’s most important asset. So, help empower your team by keeping them informed. Add visually engaging audio and stories to your Storyboard. This feature connects employees to the information they need to succeed.

Find the most important content on the top center of your financial institution’s intranet homepage. Additionally, you can add a Storyboard on other pages of your intranet. Give a card to the content topic and share it with your employees instead of providing information through an all-staff email. Stories with an appealing image get noticed more. When your team notices and reads these articles, it results in effective communication.

2. Encourage Participation in Community Events

Financial institutions place great importance on promoting community events. From sponsoring various fundraisers to hosting educational workshops and shred days, these organizations contribute significantly to communities. In return, such events help organizations connect with their customers. Share important information with your employees to make them aware of the upcoming events. They can then effectively communicate with the clients they serve.

Many times, volunteers from the organization need to help host community events. Would you like to recruit help from your team? You can conveniently describe your plans and post a sign-up form for participants. Then, following the event, the Storyboard once again serves an important purpose. For example, banks and credit unions post articles reporting the success of their fundraisers.

Likewise, linking to a photo album showcases volunteers as a means of saying ‘Great job!’ This encourages future participation. Recognizing the efforts of volunteers creates a win-win situation.

illustrate an example of a community event advertised on the intranet storyboard

3. Enhance Employee Experience and Boost Their Morale

According to the National Social Science Journal, employee morale has a great impact on business. Studies indicate, “when morale is low the productivity is low, and in turn, profits may be affected.” Enhancing the user experience of an intranet helps give morale a boost. Thus, it’s good for business. A Storyboard provides a platform to shine a light on an outstanding achievement. Being highly visible, it is an effective way to communicate praise. This also helps to ensure job satisfaction.

Excessive turnover decreases employee morale. Improve retention by regularly sharing important information with your staff. Using a Storyboard to post both training and development opportunities helps retain top performers looking for ways to learn and grow. 

Lastly, a Storyboard encourages social interaction by displaying the number of clicks on each story. This is another example of the features you can find within our Source intranet software, designed to improve team members’ engagement. Based on the world’s largest employee engagement and performance study, Gallup’s analysis shows highly engaged teams outperform the rest.

illustration of an engaged and highly motivated employee

In Conclusion

IC’s intranet has offered many helpful tools and features to customers for more than 20 years. The Storyboard has taken the software to a new level. With this, financial institutions have the ability to easily share information in a visual way that makes a greater impact. The material becomes compulsively readable. In sum, maintaining Storyboard content creates effective communication. The benefits of these efforts are vast, resulting in higher employee job satisfaction and greater company success.

At IC, we’ve worked with hundreds of financial organizations for more than 20 years to deliver an intranet platform that meets your business needs. Discover applications and resources specifically designed for financial organizations by requesting a free demo today!

By Laura M. Balster

Laura is the Director of Customer Success at IC. Working nearly three decades in the financial industry, and having an extensive background in both writing and editing, she is excited to bring this experience with her as she explores a new career path. She loves meeting new people and the unique job satisfaction found when working as part of a committed team! Laura graduated Summa Cum Laude from Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas, with a BA in Political Science and History. She loves to travel, cook, cross-stitch, read, watch old movies, and spend time with family.