Anderson Hospital Healthcare Intranet Case Study

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Switching from an aging and slow homegrown intranet to full functionality, easy-to-implement, intranet solution that meets the demands of the healthcare industry’s heavy policy and regulatory security with minimal IT resources.

Customer Profile

Anderson Hospital has been making a difference since 1977. They are an independent, not-for-profit hospital, dedicated to creating an excellent healthcare experience for their patients, families, medical staff and community.


From streamlining document management to self-sufficient department sites, Anderson Hospital is able to keep content fresh and save time by switching from a homegrown intranet.

From Homegrown to Continual Growth – No IT required

How Anderson Hospital met industry demands and improved employee engagement by switching from a homegrown solution.

“When IT was in charge there was no substance.”

Prior to purchase, Anderson Hospital had a homegrown solution. IT was responsible to create, maintain and update which caused their intranet to grow stale due to delays. “It didn’t make sense to have IT involved in the creation of policies or documents”. In addition to IT delays, establishing ownership over certain content became difficult. From dedicated department sites to up-to-date employee directories (finding physicians on-site) the burden was offloaded from IT and put in the hands of the users and admins. Their homegrown intranet went from housing minimal resources and lacking the functionality to having an ever-growing supply of forms, policies and function that is demanded in the healthcare industry. Added bonus; the new customizable options in IC’s solution helped Anderson Hospital build, and reflect, their brand and professionalism.

Policy was the Precursor

Aside from struggling with a homegrown intranet, there was an increasing demand from the healthcare industry to follow, and implement, policies. To meet those demands, Anderson Hospital gave the responsibility of policy creation to individual departments instead of IT. This transition reduced delays and improved efficiency. Transitioning policies stored on a share-drive to their intranet, streamlined the read/receive process and improved tracking.

Improve Employee Engagement with Surveys, Training and More

Anderson Hospital’s new intranet gave them the power to introduce engaging intranet applications for employees. Some examples are; training sites with videos, surveys to garner employee opinions and company announcements for upcoming events, HIPPA updates, or kudos to a department. For added security, Anderson applied an approval process.

The culture at IC was one that really impressed me. I’ve never had that level of service before.

– Michael Ward, Director of IT, Anderson Hospital

100+ Online Forms Save Time and Streamline Workflows

From email notifications to approvals, the easy to-create online forms have robust security permissions which, in the healthcare industry, are a huge demand based on regulatory requirements. The simplicity and time savings have allowed Anderson to compete in this ever-changing industry. They have created 100+ forms in security alone, including; Violent Incident Reports and Lost Property.

Top 5 Intranet Tools Used

Document Management
Employee Directory
Online Forms
Company Announcements