Why Information Silos Suck…and What to Do About Them

By Jasmine Long
May 29, 2024
1 min read
eBooks & Whitepapers
eBooks & Whitepapers

Over our 25+ years in the intranet business, information and knowledge silos remain one the most persistent and pervasive issues we’ve seen with our clients.

Information silos suck. When information or knowledge cannot flow freely, and it remains hidden or only available to one part of the organization – effectively rendering your team stuck like grains in a silo, hence the name.

In this eBook we’re going to do a deep dive into information silos. We explore

  • What silos are

  • The different types that exist.

  • Why they need to be busted

  • The signs that indicate you’ve got a problem with silos.

    Then we cover

  • The steps to take to get rid of silos

  • The significant role that intranet software can play.

  • Finally, we finish with some thinking points.

Silos suck but removing them makes a massive difference. We hope this eBook helps you on the journey to busting them for good.

By Jasmine Long

Jasmine is passionate about harnessing the power of digital marketing to drive social impact. She previously was the Communications Assistant at Jumpstart Refugee Talent, a nonprofit dedicated to facilitating employment opportunities for refugees in Canada. She is currently the Marketing Coordinator for Intranet Connections!

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