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August 6, 2020
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What is Intranet software? All your questions answered!

[This blog was update in December of 2023 for accuracy]

If you’ve been tasked with finding an intranet software and don’t know where to begin, you’re not alone. Most people don’t realize they need one until they have problems such as document management, streamlining policies and procedures, and a lack of effective internal communications.

The search tends to end with an exclamation: “We need an intranet!”

Knowing the solution is only the first step, however. Let’s explore…

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Let’s start with the basics…

technical and simple definition of intranet and intranet software

What is The Intranet

So, what exactly is the intranet? Think of it as your company’s own private internet. It’s where everyone in your team can find everything they need without getting lost in a sea of emails or files. From the latest company news, policies, to that form you always seem to misplace – it’s all there, safe and sound behind your company’s digital doors. It’s like having a central hub where everyone can catch up, collaborate, and stay in the loop. No more “Hey, did you see that email?” because everything important is right there in your company’s intranet.

7 things you can do with an intranet platform

What is an intranet & why you need it?

1. Distribute information effectively

Just as you use your website to market your company to customers, your modern intranet is a way to market your company to employees. An intranet platform standardizes company communications from one central location, also known as a single source of truth. This way, employees won’t search for company information in various places anymore. They will know everything, and anything they need to know sits on your single source of truth.

2. Communicate company goals and initiatives

No matter the size of your organization, communication between departments on goals and initiatives can be challenging. Get on track by consistently sharing a strong company narrative across your intranet and broadcast task lists on dedicated department sites. Your employees will see their work and other departments’ work, working together to achieve one clear company goal.

3. Paperless policies and documents

Say goodbye to heaps of paper policies and welcome online policy and document management at your fingertips. Simply upload a policy or document and turn on “read and confirm” actions. Employees will be notified of a policy, and you will have proof of confirmation.

If you need to update a policy, policy versioning allows employees to see only the latest and most up-to-date versions. No more confusion here!

4. Find useful information quickly

Searching for relevant documents may seem easy, but it can quickly escalate to a daunting task—especially if they’re saved on different computers and shared drives. Even when you can simply ask for something from the HR or IT manager, that email tends to get lost in the abyss of an overwhelming inbox.

This is where a company intranet steps in. Simply upload information with a one-stop central knowledge base. With intuitive search, finding the information is as easy as uploading it.

5. Create and submit online forms easily

Automate business processes and eliminate redundant, manual business tasks by using online forms on your intranet software. Online Forms are built through a drag-and-drop, user-friendly interface—no IT experience required!

You can either build a form that suits your specific needs or copy existing online forms that come pre-built.

6. Standardize training and onboarding

Keep your employees informed and up-to-date on the latest policies and procedures. With simple onboarding, you can streamline new employees through a process that will enable them to get up-to-speed and productive quickly.

Then, track, manage and report on registrations and waitlists using the online training calendar. Easy for you and your new hire—win/win!

7. Enhance your company culture

Your intranet site reinforces your company’s culture and brand as your single source of truth. Apply brand-building tips by selecting a unique intranet name, and introduce fun features such as discussion forums, event calendars, and an online photo album.

As we said, your intranet is your internal website—market and promote your brand accordingly! An intranet may have different meanings and purposes for different organizations and individuals. How do you envision your ideal digital workplace? Describe how you could see an intranet benefiting you, or how you use yours, in the comment section below.

If you’re on the hunt for an extraordinary intranet solution, book yourself a 15-minute FREE DEMO with our product specialist today. If you’re not quite ready for a demo, take our complimentary internal communications assessment and get a read on how your efforts stack up!

What is Intranet Software

Now, intranet software – this is the magic that makes the intranet work. It’s the behind-the-scenes infrastructure tackling real issues like lost documents, miscommunication, and those dreaded security scares. Think of it as your digital organizer and guardian. It keeps everything neat, accessible, and most importantly, secure. It’s about making sure the team’s collaboration is smooth and nobody’s left wondering where that important file went or if their data is safe. In a nutshell, company intranet software keeps the company’s digital world spinning without a hitch.

The big difference between a solid, modern intranet and an old clunky one is control. How much control does YOUR team have over customization of the intranet software? Not every organization has the same needs. Understandable. You should be able to customize push notification to each employee’s preferred communication medium. You should be able to build a bunch of different mini ecosystems within the software for different groups, teams, events, and so on.

Company Intranet Software to Try in 2024

Let’s talk about finding the right intranet software for your team, especially as we head into 2024. Intranet Connections is crafted from the ground up, inspired by the real-world issues businesses encounter. It’s tailored to turn those challenges into seamless digital solutions for companies.

Imagine a tool that not only keeps your data secure but also makes your team actually want to use it. That’s what we do. It’s user-friendly, keeps everything organized, and tackles the usual intranet woes head-on. It’s perfect for bringing everyone together, making sure they’re engaged, and ensuring that the important stuff stays just within your team’s reach. Definitely worth considering if you’re looking to step up your company’s intranet game.

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