Measuring Employee Engagement With Intranet Insights – Stats at Every Level

By Neil Chong-Kit
June 30, 2017
2 min read
Intranet Insights Statistics at Every Level


Summary: To design Intranet Insights, we had many conversations with customers to determine what they really needed out of intranet statistics in addition to measuring employee engagement. Customers let us know they needed to view data at every level.

High-Level Metrics they can present to management.
Mid-Level Statistics for sites and applications, and then filtered by department and location.
Low-Level Data exported to Excel to calculate their own metrics or to troubleshoot specific problems.

This blog post demonstrates how we met these challenges using Intranet Insights.

High-Level Metrics

Insight’s Main Dashboard gives you at a glance information which shows you intranet adoption as a percentage of staff and measuring intranet engagement.

Above we can see that user adoption of the intranet has increased by 3.5% in Q1 of 2017 versus the previous quarter, and users visit the intranet twice a day for a total of 27 minutes. The main dashboard is perfect for when you need to give a quick summary to management in a format that is engaging and easy to understand.

Measuring Employee Engagement

Mid-Level Dashboards

In addition to providing overall intranet metrics, Insights also allows you to dig deep into your intranet data to solve problems. For example, if you are interested in if users are finding what they need using global search, you can pull up the Missed Searches dashboard.

The Missed Searches dashboard displays:

  • Search Terms The search terms exactly as typed by your users
  • Searches How often the search terms were entered.
  • Click-Throughs The number of times users clicked a search result after searching
  • Click-Through Rate Percentage of Click-Throughs based on number of searches
  • Individuals Total number of unique people who performed the search

The dashboard shows me the word “pricing” searched 49 times by 5 different people. However, it has a click-through rate of only 8%.

Low-Level Data Access

To dig even deeper, on every dashboard we’ve included an Export link. For example, if I wanted to investigate why the search term “pricing” show in the Missed Searched dashboard has such low click through rate, I can view the data in Excel.

export intranet insights to excel

After filtering the data for just “pricing” I can see that Sarah is the user who is struggling the most, but it appears that Stephanie and Adam might have found a relevant result. Hopefully, a quick couple of emails or calls should reveal what item Sarah as actually searching for.

By Neil Chong-Kit

Neil has been involved in the technology industry for 15 years, with experience in information security, e-commerce, and document workflow solutions. He has a Computer Science degree from UBC, and an MBA from SFU. Key achievements include growing CE-Infosys’ presence in Singapore, and helping build and launch Neil has extensive experience as a software developer, business analyst, and manager in growing technology companies. As a creative thinker, Neil is focused on delivering on impactful, but simple to use solutions as product manager for Intranet Connections.