Why investing in internal communications should be your 2022 priority   

By Darian Mavandad
January 26, 2022
4 min read

It’s a new year, a new quarter, and a new world! At IC, we believe that adapting to the world around you means being tactful, quick, and resourceful. And we bring this belief to our products and services. Whether you need a better way to organize your internal files, alert workers during a crisis, or connect with your remote team; at IC we have all the solutions to keeping your workers thriving. Investing in internal communications is the best way to jumpstart your 2022 plans in a number of ways!

Five reasons you should be investing in internal communications this year

Investing in internal comms in 2022 is important in 5 different ways

1. Reach remote workers during a crisis 

Throughout 2021, we saw a multitude of different crises affect workers; whether it was the ongoing pandemic, severe weather, power grid malfunctions, the (slightly apocalyptic list) goes on and on. But when such events occur, you need to be able to reach your workers, wherever they are. 

IC prides itself on being one of the first internal comms software companies to offer a multi-channel messaging service. This feature allows our users to reach their employees on their preferred communication platform (whether it be SMS, email, Slack, or Teams), so that you can rest assured that any crucial piece of communications is delivered to your team exactly how and when you want it. Furthermore, our built-in analytics gives you important insights on the open rates (along with other real-time metrics) of your messages, so you can hone your communications strategy to be more engaging. 

2. Employee retention 

We wrote about the effects of “The Great Resignation” last week in our blog, and IC’s team of experts found that having a solid internal comms strategy is what can incentivize workers to remain at your organization. Your internal communications are important to providing your employees with the sense of community needed to ensure they aren’t leaving. It’s no coincidence that “communications” and “community” have the same root (the Latin word “communis”, meaning “shared by all or many”). 

Your ROI on internal comms will be largely thanks to lower employee turnover, because workers will want to remain part of your community. Organizations simply don’t want to spend money training new employees caused by high rates of turnover. Investing in internal comms will save you money in the long run due to worker retention. 

3. Maximize productivity & efficiency

Document management systems are greatly superior to shared files and drives, for several reasons. For example, ensuring that workers have access to important files on mobile devices for use on the go or when working remotely can help them to be more efficient and productive. And increased productivity and efficiency will help keep operational costs low. When workers are more productive, they are getting their work done in fewer hours and can take on more projects. This ROI can be felt immediately when investing in internal communications. 

4. Hybrid work

Similarly, ensuring your internal comms are optimized for hybrid work should be at the top of your 2022 priorities. Your workforce is likely spread out, whether it be across the city, state, or country. The minute you announce a “return to work” plan, your employees immediately begin to look for offers at competing organizations that are allowing remote and hybrid work models.

If you want to keep employee turnover low, allow your workers to work from where they are most comfortable and productive—whether the office or their home. And to keep employees happy and productive, wherever they are, investing in software that cultivates connection is crucial. You want to create a single source of truth where employees can find relevant company files, forms, and information—that is accessible either on-site or in the cloud. 

5. Have fun

Our workforce looks very different today than they did a little over two years ago, and many of your employees may still be struggling with this change. It is important to make it a key goal of your internal comms strategy to ensure workers feel connected to the company and its mission; but to also be having fun. 

Your intranet can be a great place to share polls, fun off-site activities, pictures, ice breakers, recipes, and so much more—to make sure your employees are having fun. Having intranet apps is a great way to build some fun right into your company’s intranet, and bring a sense of joy to your corporate persona! 

Invest in internal communications today!

Whether you want to create that single source of truth for your employees, reach them in moments of crisis, or create a sense of community when working remotely, IC’s software will fit all your needs. And with competitive pricing, we’re sure you will see your ROI quickly and clearly. Book your free demo here

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By Darian Mavandad

Darian has a degree from McGill University, and joined IC to empower internal communicators by creating content that inspires. In his free time, he loves traveling, reading, and skiing.