Intranet document management: a life and time saver

By Darian Mavandad
June 23, 2022
5 min read
A file cabinet, showing what you have to deal with without an intranet document management system.

Picture it: you’re buried under endless documents you must organize and sort through, some needing your signature and review. As you go to grab your phone, your elbow bumps into your precariously placed, open-lid coffee cup. The futile reach for your cup of coffee is both too slow and too uncoordinated, and the contents of your mug spill out across your desk, drenching your papers and files in brown energy juice. Ink smears. Papers fall apart. Children scream.  

Whether you’re still using physical paper copies or losing your documents in cluttered shared folders, such is life when you have yet to adopt a centralized digital document management system on your intranet. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using intranet document management.  

1. Saves space 

You can say goodbye to those enormous metal file cabinets once you successfully onboard your documents onto your intranet. Not only are they an eyesore, but they take up a lot of space in your office—and in a day and age where physical office space is becoming more and more precious, you want to make sure every square-inch is being used effectively. Moreover, physical office space may be something you no longer even want to have! With the widespread adoption of work-from-home, having a physical space for your company’s documents may be inefficient…which brings us to our next point: 

2. Increases efficiency and productivity

You may be one of the 40% of North American companies that have adopted a hybrid (if not fully remote) work model. In these cases, how do you get remote workers to access important docs that are physically stored onsite? You’d need to have an in-person colleague find the document, scan it, and then email it to the remote worker. That’s a lot of hoops! With intranet document management solutions, accessing that document can be as quick as a single click. Of course, there are certain documents that you don’t want accessible in a single click… 

3. Compliance and security

Door locked shut with the words "Restricted Area, Authorized Persons Only" written across it.Not everyone in the organization needs access to every document there is. Not only is this good security practice, but many types of businesses have different compliance guidelines, and failure to follow them to a “t” could result in fines, lawsuits, and liabilities. IC’s intranet solution allows you to set custom security and privacy levels for different documents, promoting compliance and ensuring the rules are followed.  

With our solution, you can even automate certain processes that need to occur when certain files are submitted or accessed. Workflows allow you to rest easy, ensuring that your intranet is keeping you and your business safe. 

4. Protection from nature

 No one wants to even think of it happening, but having only paper copies of your documents can make you susceptible to losing years and years of info in fires, floods, or other disasters. Now, we truly hope no one ever has to experience that, but with a cloudbased document management system, you can rest assured that your documents will always be safe. IC also takes increased measures to ensure the security and encryption of your data. Learn more here.  

5. Future proofing

The future of work is remote. Whether that’s hybrid, remote hubs, or fully remote—your workers are going to need access to your documents wherever you are. Digital nomadship continues to rise, in-person work continues to fall, and you are at serious risk of being left in the dust. Recently, 6 out of 10 candidates said that remote and flexible work arrangements are a deciding factor to accepting an offer. With IC, we make transitioning from a physical document management to a digital one stress-free and easy, so you can rest assured that your company will be ready for this brave new world. 

6. Increased collaboration
A team bringing it in and celebrating their teamwork.

Finally, by having your documents in a single source of truth, you are empowering employees to work cross departmentally! If sales wants to know what marketing is doing, they can check the intranet. Do workers need to check the regulations and use of company computers? Luckily the IT team has uploaded that to the intranet too! By keeping everyone in the loop, you are creating a more transparent, and thus more efficient, worker experience.  

The benefits of a purpose-built document management system  

IC has spent the past two decades building an intranet software solution specifically aimed at creating the best document management experience. Other document sharing programs can quickly become cluttered, making it hard to find the docs you are looking for. IC’s powerful search functionality allows employees to quickly find that one-in-a-million document they’re looking for with just a few key search terms.  

 When you combine our best practices and our powerful intranet software, you get the best document management system in the industry. Want to see it for yourself? Give your workers a single source of truth by booking a free demo with the team at IC!  

By Darian Mavandad

Darian has a degree from McGill University, and joined IC to empower internal communicators by creating content that inspires. In his free time, he loves traveling, reading, and skiing.