Your banking intranet is the secret to future proofing your organization

By Darian Mavandad
March 9, 2023
4 min read
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It’s time to look into the future. Having explored how a banking intranet provides strategic value to your executive team by streamlining key organizational processes and improving customer and employee experiences, ensuring that your financial organization is ready for tomorrow is the solution of today. As the world of work evolves, the speed of change seems to be constantly accelerating, with remote and hybrid work becoming a reality for many corporate workers, and an ever-changing economic landscape. Future-proofing has become even more of a priority today. For organizations and employees, fundamental changes to working and key operational processes can be challenging. Banking intranets help embed change, persuade people to adopt new tools, and support new ways of working, all in a way that also maintains security and minimizes risk.

How a banking intranet supports hybrid work

Though the pandemic may be behind us, many financial organizations have chosen to adopt a pattern of hybrid work, with employees working both from the office and at home. Although the situation is still fluid, many believe that hybrid work is around to stay, and more and more workers will come to expect it in the future.

One of the challenges of hybrid working is ensuring that key information is easily available for employees when they are working remotely or on their own. Your banking intranet will prove to be an essential window back into the organization, providing access to all the core information and resources people need for their working day, including a people directory to be able to contact their colleagues, easy access to the apps they need, process information on how to complete tasks, and all the latest news.

Remote work has lots of upsides, but it can also be isolating and make some people feel lonely. As we have already noted, banking intranets can drive a sense of community between colleagues and allow employees to feel more connected to their organization, both aspects that become more important as hybrid and remote work scales up.

A banking intranet helps check the pulse of your workforce

Your banking intranet is an excellent platform to understand employee sentiment. You can also use a variety of different tools to check the pulse of your workforce, including snap polls, more detailed surveys, and feedback forms, all via the intranet. Detailed intranet analytics also give you an indication of the content employees are viewing, engaging with, and searching for, providing further data to understand how your workforce is feeling and thinking.

Having this information can help leaders make the right decisions and prepare you for the future, for example, helping to navigate the challenges that were brought around by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Is there a merger on the horizon?

Mergers and acquisitions are a fact of organizational life and can sometimes happen quickly. Onboarding new locations and teams rapidly and efficiently with minimal disruption is important; here, a highly scalable intranet solution like Intranet Connections will help, providing all the change communications, process information, and connections to new colleagues to help assimilate a new location or workplace into your organization and make everyone feel welcome.

What’s more, a banking intranet prepares you for all kinds of change! An intranet provides an authoritative and trusted platform for any required crisis communications and change management efforts. If you need to keep employees informed during volatile times, or you need to launch an unexpected campaign due to unforeseen circumstances, the intranet can easily be enabled. It is also the place to help launch new initiatives, systems, products, and services.

Innovate for the future with your banking intranet

Innovation is an aim for most organizations and key to staying competitive, but many struggle to put the processes in place to support innovation. Some intranet software like Intranet Connections have an ideation feature that can ask employees to submit ideas for new products and services, or how to meet challenges. Other employees can then provide feedback and vote for the best ideas which can then be implemented. This approach not only results in gathering game-changing ideas but is also great for staff engagement.

Get the intranet of tomorrow, today!

We hope this blog series, and our free Executive Guide eBook, has helped your leadership team understand the key benefits of a banking intranet, within many contexts. The next step is to bring your executives in for a demo so they can start experiencing what a purpose-built banking intranet can do for them! Book a free demo today!

By Darian Mavandad

Darian has a degree from McGill University, and joined IC to empower internal communicators by creating content that inspires. In his free time, he loves traveling, reading, and skiing.