The ultimate employee engagement strategy for 2023

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March 24, 2023
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Not having a proper employee engagement strategy at your office or worksite in this day and age can prove to be detrimental to overall happiness and productivity of the workforce. Human capital is the most important factor of any business that often gets overlooked. But even if companies recognize the importance of employee happiness, managers and company leaders often don’t know how to go about implementing the right employee engagement strategy.

Long gone are the days where employee satisfaction was only linked to level of pay. The truth is that employees are 87% less likely to leave their job if they feel engaged in the workplace, and 71% of employees would take a pay cut if it means doing work that they find meaningful. Luckily, tools like the intranet have made the task of engaging employees and boosting job satisfaction much easier.

Intranet meaning

A company intranet is essentially a central hub for all internal communication between employees. It’s a central location that every employee knows and can count on to get the most up to date company information. Everything from company news and events, to HR policies and processes and sales information. It’s a way to make sure all employees from every department are on the same page and functioning like a solid team as opposed to a bunch of separate departments. 

Intranet for employee engagement

Having an all-encompassing employee engagement strategy is crucial to achieving the desired result: happy, engaged employees. An intranet is more than just using Slack or SharePoint to communicate and engage employees. While having an internal messaging tool is important it’s not the only tool that you should use. 

Your company’s employee engagement strategy should feature a multi-level approach. Here are a few strategies that you should definitely be thinking about. 

1. One stop shop for documents

Your intranet should be like your corporate bible for all important documents. This helps employees, new and old, stay up to date with policies and processes and reduce the strain on the HR department and other managers. It also helps sales teams stay on top of the latest company promotions and close deals faster. You’ll no longer need to say “I’ll have to speak to my manager,” since all of the information is easily accessible. This empowers employees to work efficiently and stress less while on the job.

2. Having a positive onboarding experience

You only have one shot to get this right, and starting off on the wrong foot is a recipe for disaster. It’s one of the first interactions that a new hire will have with your company and you can’t afford to mess it up. Having a solid onboarding process can improve employee retention by 82% and improve productivity by 70%.

Luckily, there are companies like Intranet Connections that turn the onboarding process into a culture building experience. Providing centralized learning resources, creating onboarding workflows and checklists, and giving new hires the confidence to succeed in their role. This is the most crucial part of a company’s employee engagement strategy and should not be overlooked. 

3. Intranet with your branding

It’s no secret that as humans, we all like having a sense of belonging. To be a part of something special. Having a branded intranet is a great way of reinforcing your brand’s image and message to new and old employees. Some intranet services allow you to build a custom interface with your brand colors, fonts and imagery. It’s simple but can go a long way when it comes to building that team culture and spirit. Employees will likely feel engaged knowing they are part of something special. 

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4. Measuring success of current employee engagement strategy 

A major pain point among managers and company leaders is measuring the effectiveness of current employee engagement strategy. Intranet Connections allows you to see if employees are engaging with your current initiatives by seeing how frequently you open company news and messages. Not opening messages doesn’t have to be a punishable offense, but you can at least start a discussion with an employee and understand them better. Having a dialogue with employees can help you fine-tune your employee engagement strategy to have it be better suited for more people. 

5. Employee communication software

Any business would crumble without proper communication between team members. Having employee communication software is critical for any business if they want to succeed. Services like Slack, MS Teams, SharePoint and others have made it easy for employees to communicate, collaborate and share information. As more companies begin taking the hybrid working model into consideration these communication platforms will become even more important. 

6. Employee encouragement

We all appreciate being recognized for the hard work that we do. It’s important to show employees appreciation for a job well done to build confidence and morale. Intranet Connections has a unique feature that allows team members and managers to give “Kudos” right on the company intranet platform. It’s a fantastic way to show someone that you appreciate their work and it’s visible to everyone in the company. Not only does the individual feel good, but it also sets an example for others to follow and shows them that their hard work won’t go unnoticed.

7. Custom push notifications

Every employee is different and so is their preference for receiving company information. With Intranet Connection’s push notification tool, you can customize how each individual employee receives company messages and information. Whether someone prefers Slack, MS teams, SMS or email, you can make sure communication is received using the means most preferable to each employee. 

Best intranet platforms

When it comes to your employee engagement strategy in 2023 your company cannot afford to be doing the bare minimum. In an age where employees are valuing a positive working environment over wages, simply using SharePoint and Slack is just not going to cut it.

Intranet Connections has been in the business of empowering community-focused organizations to create amazing company cultures for over 20 years. With our solution, your IT, HRV and marketing teams can take charge of your employee experience and communication strategies. 

Our intranet software is designed to help organizations create a centralized platform for their employees. It’s the perfect tool to organize internal documents, share news, and boost employee experience.

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