Announcing the 15.5 intranet software release & our Push communications extension

By Aimee Happ
August 17, 2022
4 min read

Are you struggling to efficiently promote your intranet content across multiple channels?  

We’ve heard from many of our customers how challenging it can be to keep employees engaged. Each employee prefers to receive their internal communications through Teams, Slack, email, or even on their mobile devices. Trying to reach them all and bring them back onto your intranet can be a real struggle… but it doesn’t have to be! 

Our team is thrilled to announce the launch of our Push communications extension in our intranet platform as a part of our 15.5 release (which also includes SSO functionality). By using this feature, you can more easily reach your employees across different channels, measure internal communications successes, improve compliance, and boost intranet adoption within your organization. Here’s how.  

How the Push communications extension works 

At a high level, the Push communications extension helps communicators leverage their intranet (traditionally a pull channel) to efficiently promote content across multiple channels. As you’re publishing content on your intranet (such as a news article, an event, a photo, a knowledgebase article, etc.), you can select the option to “Push through other channels”. From there, you can customize the message you want to include, select the urgency of your message, and target the appropriate audiences 

Push communications extension screenshot

From there, your message will be sent out to your selected employee audience on the channel they prefer to receive their internal communications. You can also check back to see how your message performed so that you can remind those who did not open it (manually or automatically) and understand how to improve your internal communications strategy for next time. 

Push communications extension screenshot

The benefits of using the Push communications extension 

Outside of improving employee awareness, compliance, and intranet adoption at your organization, the Push communications extension can have several very real benefits. 

Benefit #1: time savings for internal communicators 

Instead of having to publish content on your intranet and separately creating an all-staff email and manually linking to the content you’ve just created, you can create and promote your message at the same time, in the same place.  

Employees will receive the message on the channel they prefer, so you can cut down on all-staff emails. Once you’ve sent your message, you also gain visibility into how individual channels perform. You’ll also be able to see how your employees are acting on your messages. 

Overall, you’ll have more time to spend on other work, as less time will be required to set up routine communications.  

Benefit #2: urgent communications & compliance 

Feeling confident of your urgent communications plan is an important part of business continuity. During an emergency, urgent messaging allows you to ensure that all your employees can be reached quickly and reliably. For compliance reasons, you may also have to prove that you’re able to do so. 

Urgent communications are easy to do with the Push communications extension, and you can even choose to send messages across multiple channels for each employee (including SMS). When sending messages through the Push communications extension, it’s as simple as checking the box for “urgent” or “normal” priority, and the software does the rest. 

Benefit #3: leverage & simplify your comms tech stack 

Setting up new internal communications channels and integrating them into the systems you already use can be complicated and expensive. The Push communications extension is an easy, secure solution that exists on the intranet software that you already have and leverages the specific channels your employees already use. Setup takes only minutes and there’s no extra cost. 

Benefit #4: employee insights 

Effective communication is at the heart of employee engagement, and positive engagement improves productivity and reduces turnover.  

When you can see and make improvements to employee engagement, this can have a very positive effect on employee connection to the company. It can also help your team to prove a positive ROI on your intranet software as you work to drive adoption. 

Take your intranet to the next level with the Push communications feature 

 If you’re ready to see our Push communications extension in action, start a free trial or book a demo today. We’ll show you how our intranet can revolutionize your internal communications efforts with our suite of features built to help you stay organized, engage your employees, and measure successes.  

By Aimee Happ

Aimee Happ is proud to lead the marketing team at IC and enjoys working with the dynamic and diverse team that surrounds her. She is inspired on a daily basis by the company's mission of empowering internal communicators. Aimee holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Calgary and loves to travel.