SharePoint Intranets: What You Need to Know

By Darian Mavandad
December 21, 2022
1 min read
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Intranets have been a common feature in organizations for over 25 years, and for most of that time, SharePoint has been the most popular base technology. While it is an excellent tool for collaboration and document sharing, it’s not always the best solution (at least, on its own). Download our free eBook to understand the realities of SharePoint-based intranets and how to carefully evaluate the technology your organization should use.

Download this eBook to learn:

  • SharePoint intranet fundamentals
  • Insight into what it is like to use SharePoint for your intranet
  • Real intranet stories
  • How to make SharePoint work with your intranet software
By Darian Mavandad

Darian has a degree from McGill University, and joined IC to empower internal communicators by creating content that inspires. In his free time, he loves traveling, reading, and skiing.

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