Verity Credit Union: Beauty in Simplicity

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Making the switch from a difficult-to administer intranet that made it hard for employees to locate resources, to an easy-to-use intranet that provided centralized document and policy management required by the credit union.

Verity Credit Union, incepted in 1933 in Seattle, is one of the oldest credit unions in Washington State. Now with 8 branches, they are is dedicated to enhancing members’ lives by creating trusting relationships.

From centralizing documents and procedures to streamlining paper-based forms and workflows, Verity Credit Union is able to locate up-to-date resources efficiently and effectively.

Beauty in Simplicity

How Verity Credit Union improved resource organization, automated processes and connected employees by switching from a difficult-to-use intranet that lacked functionality to IC’s intranet software.

Simple, Organized and Centralized

Prior to purchasing intranet software by IC, Verity Credit Union had an intranet that was difficult to use and didn’t provide the functionality credit unions require. Because Verity’s old intranet was so difficult to administer, staff didn’t bother storing resources, such as procedures, on the intranet. Instead, they saved resources to their individual network drives making it hard for anyone to locate the files they needed. “Our old intranet wasn’t effective and had no consistency. Staff just wouldn’t use it, it didn’t have anything they needed”, Sasha shared. In addition, all forms were paper-based which made it a challenge to track if the appropriate people had signed off on forms. Verity Credit Union needed an intranet that could house resources in an organized manner, and automate paper-based processes, all while being easy to use. That’s when Sasha began evaluating other intranet providers, including SharePoint, ultimately deciding on IC.

Intranet Satisfaction Increased by 167% After the Switch

To avoid purchasing an intranet that was too difficult for staff to use again, Sasha ran a survey prior to their intranet search asking staff to rate the ease-of-use of their old intranet and ran the same survey 6 months after implementing their new intranet. The score from the first intranet was only 3/10 and a staggering 8/10 after purchasing IC’s intranet solution “Staff keep telling me our new intranet is tremendous!”, Sasha explained.

Improved Employee Connections, Involvement and Morale

Verity Credit Union’s new intranet improved communication and employee connection through several collaborative applications. Blogging was a big hit and significantly reduced all-staff emails; staff could simply view the intranet blog to get up-to-date on company news. In addition, employees empowered each other with the kudos app and communicated over Discussion Forums.

“I really love IC’s Customer Experience team. I am truly amazed, they have blown me away. They are genuinely happy to help.”

– Sasha Kemble, Knowledge Management Specialist

Online Forms Streamlined Approvals, Giving Peace of Mind

Robust Online Forms addressed Verity Credit Union’s need for submitting and tracking forms. Before, everything was paper-based, and forms would often get misplaced during the approval process. With IC, the credit union was able to move all forms online and automate the approval process, ensuring all forms are being tracked by the appropriate departments.