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Automatic Time Savings

How Redwood Capital Bank went from inefficient manual paper-based processes to streamlined automated workflows with IC.


Putting a system in place that would allow the bank to organize and centralize resources, streamline manual paper-based processes and improve poor communication with a single platform that all employees could easily use.

Who is the Customer?

REDWOOD CAPITAL BANK Customer Since: October 2012 Marc Chaton, AVP/Network Admin

Customer Profile

In 2004, Redwood Capital Bank opened its doors to Humboldt County, California, quickly becoming the top choice for local community banking. Now with 3 branches, Redwood Capital Bank is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service.


From centralizing documents to automating workflows, Redwood Capital Bank was able to streamline slow, manual paper-based processes to improve efficiency and organization.

Centralized Resources Proved Invaluable

Prior to purchasing IC intranet software, Redwood Capital Bank didn’t have an online system in place to assist with day-to-day work tasks. Almost everything was done manually on paper, which proved to be time-consuming and disorganized. Often, employees would complain that they couldn’t find resources because there was no centralized place for it. Redwood Capital Bank needed a platform that could store important resources, such as policies, in a centralized location. “Staff would constantly ask me, ‘where is this form?’. To have all our resources in a knowable place, to me – it’s invaluable.” That is when Chaton decided they needed an intranet. He evaluated other intranet providers, including SharePoint, but ultimately decided on IC because he worked with the software at a previous organization and knew it would be a good fit. “IC spoke more to the specific needs of banks than the other software we evaluated,” Chaton shared.

Paper-Based to Proper Workflows

Previously, all forms were paper-based only, so ensuring forms were sent to the correct approval managers was time-consuming. Moving all forms online and setting up proper workflows streamlined the approval process, and no forms ever went unnoticed or got misplaced. Automating this process saved the bank hours of time spent manually escalating forms weekly. “IC has more than paid for itself in time-savings!” explained Chaton.

Reliable and Knowledgeable Support Who Know Us

Beyond helping with the daily work tasks at the bank, Chaton has been extremely impressed with the level of support he has received from IC. Any time Chaton has experienced an issue, the Support Team is quick to help with a workable solution. “The support team always assists with questions quickly and I can tell they are very knowledgeable on our processes.” shared Chaton.

“In working with IC at my last organization, I knew I wanted to work with them again. They have been a great fit for us.”


Employees Stay Informed with Improved Communications

Redwood Capital Bank’s intranet, named BankNet, also improved staff communication. Important company information was shared on the intranet Home Page using the Company News and Blogging applications, so staff knew to login to the intranet daily to stay informed. This significantly reduced the amount of emails sent within the bank, and ensured all staff were on the same page.

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