OE Federal Credit Union achieves a 9.5% increase in internal communication read rates

OE Federal offices

Employees spread across the United States


Internal communications messages per month


Increase in read rates on internal communication emails

After using [the Push extension] for the last few months, we have seen a 9.5% increase in engagement on internal communication emails.

– Kristofer Stamp, Communications Manager, OE Federal Credit Union

About OE Federal Credit Union

With 85,000 members nationwide across six states and 125 union groups, OE Federal is America’s largest labor union-based credit union. Their employees pride themselves on understanding the unique needs of union workers and their families.

OE Federal has 200 employees spread across the United States and sends about 70 internal communications messages per month. Since 2016, OE Federal has been using IC’s intranet software to send those messages.

The problem: no effective push communication tool

Kristofer Stamp, Communications Manager at OE Federal, manages internal communications, technical writing, and the development and maintenance of their intranet. While he’s responsible for ensuring that the right information gets to the right people at the right time, promoting employee engagement has also become a key priority with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Kristofer was also facing challenges while measuring internal communication performance using only tools like Outlook or their intranet platform. “I had no insight into how or even if employees were reading internal email communication messages,” commented Kristofer.

We lacked the tools to push out targeted email communications and be able to track their effectiveness.

– Kristofer Stamp, Communications Manager, OE Federal Credit Union

The solution: IC’s Push communications extension tool

In early 2020, OE Federal turned to IC, their intranet partner, and signed on to pilot their newest feature; a multi-channel messaging tool. This tool, the Push communications extension, is purpose-built to help organizations improve their communications efforts and push internal messages through their intranet, email, and other employee communication channels.

“We wanted a solution that would provide us with insight into which of our employees read and acted on internal communication email messages,” commented Kristofer. “[This feature] provides us a way to ensure our email communications are reaching the right audiences on the right channel, at the right time.”

The results: an engaging multi-channel messaging system

Here are some of the other key benefits that the team at OE Federal has gained since implementing their multi-channel messaging system:

Robust data & analytics

“For me, the analytics piece is huge,” commented Kristofer. “The more robust the analytics, the better the platform. Having powerful and easy-to-use analytics capabilities allow me to track the effectiveness of my communication campaigns and make better recommendations to our senior management team on internal communications strategy.”

Using the Push extension, Kristofer has been able to leverage data to improve the performance of internal communications. Today, he has clear insight into all the internal communications email messages that he has sent, as well as delivery rates, completed actions, average response times, and more.

This software has given Kristofer another tool to establish corporate communications norms based on his data. “I add the data from [the software] to my overall reporting tools,” commented Kristofer. “It has helped me set the standards we use today and will use in the future. I also watch for trends over time. If we see a dip in engagement from a department or group, we can work with them to determine what is and isn’t working. This process also helps to further improve our internal communication performance and employee buy-in.”


OE Federal has employees spread from Hawaii to Utah, making timing and scheduling a key consideration for internal communications.

“Push helps me leverage my data on channel and employee behavior to schedule communications when they make the most sense. For example, engagement rates on communications sent after 3 pm have minimal value. By adjusting the scheduling of our internal communications, I can maximize employee engagement. I can also ensure that messages aren’t just sent all at once, in one time zone. Instead, I can tailor the experience so that every employee can receive internal communications messages at the best time for them.”

Audience segmentation

IC’s Push extension includes advanced audience segmentation capabilities, allowing internal communicators to keep organized and reuse the same audience segments at the click of a button.

“We use this software to send messages related to a wide variety of topics. When we send something to the wrong audience, it only creates white noise and reduces engagement with our core messages. The ability to hit the right groups with the information they need is great.”

“With [this feature], we’ve been able to pull over the audiences that already exist on our intranet platform. The software lets us target our internal messages so we can send the right information to the right people and cut out any unnecessary noise.”

– Kristofer Stamp, Communications Manager, OE Federal Credit Union

Summary of benefits

“With [this feature], we’re sending out internal communication email messages more effectively and can target them more precisely,” commented Kristofer. “We’re seeing people talking more. We see fewer errors and overall better engagement with our core messaging.”

Ultimately, this software has allowed us to deliver the right communications to the right people, at the right time, on the right channels. We’re seeing improved communications performance, compliance, and employee behaviors as a result

– Kristofer Stamp, Communications Manager, OE Federal Credit Union

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