How DivSearch Saved 500 Hours With A Simple Intranet Software

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October 27, 2017
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DiveSearch: a simple intranet solution

Summary: Hemorrhaging funds, strained resources, incorrect versions, lengthy processes – sound familiar? Millie Francis at Diversified Search was fed up with Microsoft when they searched for a SharePoint alternative. They found a simple intranet software: Intranet Connections.

Storing documents and policies in a central, secure location should be as easily said as done. That’s why we’ve developed an intranet for individuals who actually use it – it’s not coders building software for IT teams to manage like SharePoint or Microsoft Expressions. Simplicity is one of our five core values here and we pride ourselves on providing simple intranet software from our end to your end user.

DivSearch: A Simple Intranet Software

Millie Francis, VP of Data and Technology at Diversified Search, was using SharePoint for 18 months before throwing in the towel. “With SharePoint, everything was a struggle.” Funds were constantly draining into the black hole that was SharePoint, a gargantuan project where the platform wasn’t even fully utilized due to the expense and time it would take to do so. Staff was confused about where to find resources on the site, and user navigation was nearly impossible.

Intranet Connections helped by providing a platform that is simple to use and upload content so that their templates, policies, and training can all be streamlined and available online. “We made the switch because of the ease of use and management. I have administrators that don’t need to be programmers, and we can now upload our own content to the intranet, simply and without spending a fortune on a third-party resource.”

Streamline Templates & Policies

With SharePoint, they use to avoid updating certain sections due to the exorbitant costs of hiring a third-party consultant. Now, uploading documents is simple “We easily have over 300 document templates and policies on our intranet.” Keeping them up to date is simple with document archiving, so although old templates are not deleted, they also do not show up in the search results. “Before Intranet Connections, our employees wouldn’t know which policies were most up to date and old branding was often used in the templates. SharePoint wasn’t just difficult to administer, but was confusing to navigate as well.”

With Intranet Connections, they streamlined and centralized all forms and templates to ensure brand consistency, ensure everything on DivShare is easily accessible and searchable, and users are able to locate the resources they need.

Over 500 Hours Saved

“I was spending about 3-4 hours a week trying to work with SharePoint. Now with Intranet Connections, I’ve been spending about 15 minutes a week. Tasks such as adding a new employee to the People Directory only takes seconds. Set up and implementation was that previously took half a day with SharePoint take two minutes with Intranet Connections”

-Mille Francis, Diversified Search

Move Training Online

Building out tutorials has been a major project for Diversified Search, but the efforts have certainly paid off. Enabling staff to allocate the videos they need without requesting instruction from their superiors saves time, and improves productivity. “Now that we’re able to upload our own content to the intranet, we’ve launched our training videos and ‘how to’ tutorials online.” Users can locate training videos in seconds with the enterprise search function.

“Now with Intranet Connections, everything is easy. There are no longer struggles with adding content to the site. It’s manageable.”

Looking for a simple intranet software or Sharepoint alternative? Leave us a comment below!

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