See why our banking clients LOVE their company intranet [examples]

By Elizabeth George
October 5, 2021
6 min read
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As a bank, we know you mean business, and as a software company that specializes in company intranets, we know you like to use tools that other banks have benefited from. With that in mind, we reached out to some of our amazing banking clients to find out the following:

  • What has your company intranet helped you simplify?
  • What are the top 3 features you use on your company intranet?
  • What problem were you facing that made you look for a company intranet in the first place?

Take a look below at some of the responses we received from our incredible bank clients. If you think a company intranet would benefit your bank, request a demo or read more here.

Citizens and Northern Bank (Wellsboro, Pennsylvania)

Contact: Adam Heitzenrater – Marketing Associate
Customer Since: 2014

1. What has your company intranet helped you simplify?

The bulk of our internal forms are now fed through our company intranet, which saves paper and time, and speeds up response time. This is by far the most important part of our intranet.

2. What are the top 3 features that you use?

  • Nearly every employee uses the Online Forms feature every day.
  • We use the Company News to swap stories, which has made a significant impact on the company’s culture because we have 26 branches spread out over a large area, and we get to swap stories when branches do something they want to share.
  • The Document Management feature is where we store our manuals, which has become increasingly vital to our success because employees can search and find day-to-day operations and best practices directly on the company intranet.

3. What made you look for a company intranet?

It was important for us to have a central hub to find information and do actionable items, as well as to be able to share information. Essentially, we were looking to close the distance gap between branches and our home base, which our company intranet has been able to do for us very successfully.

Ephrata National Bank (Ephrata, Pennsylvania)

Contact: Kathy Weinhold – Senior Help Desk Analyst
Customer Since: 2011

1. What has your company intranet helped you simplify?

Our company intranet has helped us with document management. End users are assured that they are using the correct version of the document and conveying the right information to the customer.

2. What are the top 3 features that you use?

  1. Online Forms
  2. Documents
  3. Pages

TIP: We specialize in bank intranet software, so our user-friendly Online Forms include many pre-set bank forms necessary for daily operations.

3. What made you look for a company intranet?

We were already using a very simple in-house product and we determined we were ready to move on to the next level based on the number of documents we were managing at the time.

El Dorado Savings Bank (Placerville, California)

Contact: Mr. Bee Moua – Senior Sytems Analyst
Customer Since: 2012

1. What has your company intranet helped you simplify?

10 years ago, before we had a company intranet, were using primitive methods of sending a memo. We’d contract a carrier to deliver all our documents from branch to branch, which was very time consuming and costly. Especially emergency notices, they were always a day late. All memos now are read from the intranet reaching all employees in a matter of seconds.

Equally important, we used to fill out forms on paper. Now all forms are posted to the company intranet via PDF which makes it simple and economical.

We use the Company Store app as our supply order. The branches used to keep a list going and then submit to the carrier as mentioned early. With the company intranet, the users can add to the cart as they go and when they are ready, they submit and our Warehouse departments fill the order. This made it so much easier for the branches to order what they needed and cutting the time to deliver their orders.

2. What are the top 3 features that you use?

We couldn’t select just 3, so how about 5?

  1. Documents and Forms
  2. Announcements
  3. What’s New
  4. Department Site (HR Department)
  5. Supply OrderUniforms

3. What made you look for a company intranet?

We wanted a solution to centralize everything from memos to commonly used web links. We wanted a tool that would allow everyone to access the necessities efficiently and effectively, and we wanted a Message Board where we can publish announcements on the fly. We’re extremely bliss to have found the solution with Intranet Connections. After 10 years of using our company intranet, it has become a vital tool for our company; so much so, that management has taken notice by adding the server to the list of high priority. If we had a disaster, the company intranet would be one of the first servers to recover in that way we can restore the ability to broadcast our announcements to the branches.

Peoples Trust Company (St. Albans, Vermont)

Contact: Cheryl Frazier – Web/IT
Customer Since: 2014

1. What has your company intranet helped you simplify?

Our company intranet has allowed departments to manage and handle their own content. It’s also an easy interface for all our document management needs. The Employee Directory was also a great addition as it was instantly created when a user was added to the system.

2. What are the top 3 features that you use?

    • Menu widgets for listing documents/procedures/tutorials
    • Homepage informational updates through various subject widgets
    • Departmental Sites/pages which are specific to their needs

3. What made you look for a company intranet?

We had been using FrontPage for years but it became obsolete. They searched for some time comparing different Intranet solutions and in the end, Intranet Connections won out. I think the piece that truly makes the difference is the staff. Not only is the support team quickly able to respond, the friendly, professional manner is superb!

St. Martin Bank and Trust (Los Angeles, California)

Contact: Rene Comeaux – Programmer/Software Developer
Customer Since: 2016

1. What has your company intranet helped you simplify?

Our company intranet has helped us simply posting bank procedures mostly via the Knowledgebase. This is something that the team has been populating extensively with content. And even though an actual FAQs app exists, we’ve been housing our FAQs in the Knowledgebase as well. The way we have it structured seems to better fit our needs.

2. What are the top 3 features that you use?

  • Knowledgebase – for the reasons mentioned above.
  • Global Search – we are pushing for all users to use global search as their “go-to” method for finding all content.
  • Tie between Online Forms and Site Alerts – Online Forms is helping us streamline several processes, along with the built-in accountability that comes with the paperless approach. And Site Alerts are really beginning to gain steam with management as it is allowing for us to migrate away from the dreaded “all employees” emails.

3. What made you look for a company intranet?

We needed a much more engaging platform than the outdated system we were using. It was nearly impossible to navigate. Search was a joke. And the user interface was a nightmare. This led to the behavior of the old intranet being mostly ignored unless absolutely need be, and this also meant that no new content was being posted to it. This new system was a great opportunity for us to kind of start over and refresh all our content, along with reintroducing a company intranet to our employees. It has already become more engaging in the short time it’s been live than the old system ever was.

In closing…

When it comes to our finance audience, we know how much company intranet examples mean to you! Our banking intranet software clients are the first to promote our intranet and the way in which we have created a solution tailor-made for their industry. Learn more about how we serve financial institutions today.

Has your intranet provided ROI like our client examples? We want to hear from you in the comment section below, or request a demo to see our solutions in action.

By Elizabeth George

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