Four Steps to an Intranet Roll-Out Plan

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June 7, 2012
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In early April, San Diego Humane Society launched their company intranet, appropriately called “Fetch”, to over 250 staff in five locations across San Diego County. Elkie Wills, Communications Coordinator at SDHS, attributed their successful launch to a concrete plan that she and an intranet team developed.  Achieve intranet success with these four tips for planning an intranet roll-out:

Work as a team

Start a planning committee with a mix of employees from various departments. This group will ensure that the project stays on target from the get-go. These key players can also test your site, providing valuable feedback on the layout, content, and ease of use.

Set Goals

Know what is the intranet purpose in your organization. Are you using your intranet to address an issue within your organization? Is it for collaboration and information sharing? Understand what information will be of value to employees and build your intranet around that.

Stay focused

At launch, SDHS’s site stayed true to its roll-out plan and only housed Human Resources content and company news on its site. Since then, they added news links, photo albums, and event calendars. The team set a big goal to ensure that their volunteers will have access to the intranet in one year. This comfortable timeline ensures that their employee-based site can meet their company goals straight away and soon become a valuable resource for volunteers.

Map out a plan

Layout everything you want to accomplish with your intranet over the next year. Pinpoint what resources employees need right away and what can come at a later date. Realize that the plan is constantly changing depending on resources and the needs of the organization.

San Diego Humane Society planned for a phased roll-out over one year, here’s how they did it:

Intranet Roll-Out Plan                                                                                                         

Intranet Goal:  To create a “one-stop-shop” for employees and volunteers to find forms, policies, brochures, flyers, photos, video, while keeping them informed.  Improve communications across all locations, while engaging employees via interactive widgets, contests, and more.                                                

Launch Timeline:

  • HR Forms
  • In the News
  • What’s New
  • Photos
  • External Links
  • Success Scroll
  • Employee Spotlight
  • Facebook/Twitter Feed
  • Adoption Stats
  • Weather Widget
  • Staff Directory
  • Social Committee Tab

Monthly launch of new content

Month 1-May

  • Uniform Policy
  • Shelter Buddy Calendar
  • Work-Related Calendars
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Employee Discounts and Specials
  • Morning Meeting Minutes to D & P tab

Month 2-June

  • Animal Care Training Elements/Videos
  • Brochure/Flyer Library
  • Events Calendar
  • Wellness Tab

Month 3-July

  • Start Training Elements (Summaries, Study Tools, and Calendar)
  • Review test-taking options
  • Employee Fun/Recognition

Month 4-August

  • Classified
  • Newsletter Reorg from Convio
  • Staff survey on usage

Month 5-September

  • Online form creation
  • Work Schedules

Month 6-October

  • Begin HR/Fun Site builds

Month 12-March

  • Start Volunteer Site planning

Add-Ons or Fixes:

  • Shelter Buddy
  • President’s Blog
  • Split up What’s New and Important News
  • Adoption Promotion pages/elements

Stay tuned to our blog for a look inside San Diego Humane Society’s intranet.

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