Onboarding intranet software: five simple steps

By Sean Fagan
February 22, 2023
3 min read
Intranet stakeholders discussing onboarding intranet software.

Integrating any new software into your organization can be daunting at the best of times. There can be a lot to learn, with little to no guidance provided. At Intranet Connections, we are proud to offer a more hands on approach for onboarding intranet software into your organizations day-to-day.

Guided by our expert Customer Success team, you can expect a smooth and focused onboarding period resulting in a thriving, communal intranet that everyone at your organization can benefit from.

So, what does this onboarding actually look like? Five simple steps!

Start with planning/assessing

It is important for our team to understand why your organization needs an intranet and what you hope to gain from using it. There are endless use cases for an intranet, from document management to social engagement. Whatever your specific set of goals are, we’ll be happy to assist in creating a tailored plan/training schedule to meet those specific needs.

Defining roles and responsibilities is crucial

Managing an effective intranet on an ongoing basis takes more than one person. Having a network of up-skilled site owners (intranet champions) that are responsible for their own areas and empowered to make improvements is the best way forward, beyond onboarding your intranet software. This will ensure your content remains up to date, and the site meets the evolving needs of your organization for years to come.

Seeking user input before onboarding intranet software

You are building a system to help your employees perform their roles. The best way to ensure that it does this is by asking them what they need. At times, gathering insights can be a painful task. Here at IC, we try to make every step of this process as smooth as possible, and here is no different. A card sorting exercise is an excellent way to gather the information needed. What is it employees need to better perform their duties, and how can we leverage the intranet to help them carry out these tasks?

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Training made easy

Whether it be weekly or bi-weekly, our team will be on hand to assist you in ensuring you have the necessary tools to use our software. IC’s hands-on approach will offer you tailored training and demos covering the A-Z of what our software has to offer. Outside of this training, you can expect to receive curated documentation and learning resources that are always being improved and optimized. Learning how our software works will never be a daunting task. We make it easy for you!

Building and onboarding your intranet software

Once we have the necessary tools required, it’s time for the fun part, building!

Creating your intranet site’s look and feel will be the critical final steps in onboarding your intranet. You can only make a first impression once, so we know how crucial this last step is when it comes to delivering a product that speaks to your employees, while being functional and tailored to your needs. And best of all, with IC’s support and easy to use software, your IT team will barely need to be involved!

Like every other step of the way, our expert team will be on hand to help you. From reviewing site structure to planning your launch, we will be there to assist.

Onboarding intranet software made easy!

Our expert guidance doesn’t end post-launch either. We know better than anybody that your intranet is an ever-evolving tool. To ensure that you are always getting the absolute most out of our software, our team will be on hand to offer tailored support and guidance. We will always only be a call or email away. If you’re not currently a customer, book a demo to learn more about IC’s software and excellent support team!

By Sean Fagan

Sean is one of IC's Customer Success Managers, who works everyday to help IC's customers reach their organizational goals and use our intranet software to its full potential.