Meet our Push communication extension

By Samantha McCabe
June 8, 2021
5 min read
Meet our multi-channel messaging feature

One thing we know for sure: if you’re struggling with your internal comms, you’re not alone. HR professionals, marketers, and internal communicators all over the world are faced with communication problems ranging from connecting with remote workforces and unengaged employees to having small budgets, few resources, and underperforming technology.

Years ago, the team at IC sensed that there was a gap between the power internal communicators could have at their organization and their tangible ability to wield that power and get their messaging across. That’s why we created our game-changing Push communication feature into our intranet software. It’s based on our proven 7-principle methodology, meaning that it’s grounded in the fundamentals you need to produce solid internal comms, every time. Since then, we’ve listened to those tasked with internal communications work at their organizations and used those insights to fine-tune our software into a product we know will work for you.

The many features of our Push communication feature will help you do three key things: organize your employees, engage with them on a deeper level, and measure your results so you can develop key takeaways. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through how our technology accomplishes each of those things—and why our software might be the solution you’ve been searching for.

Organize your internal comms & bring calm to the chaos

Dreaming of easier, more efficient internal comms? Our software can help you organize your efforts so you aren’t wasting hours tinkering with contact lists and updating old staff profiles.

First up, you can easily use our multi-channel messaging feature to create and organize custom audience lists, ending the unnecessary “all-staff” email blast once and for all. Instead, you can target specific groups, departments, or location-based staff, making your comms more purposeful. Using the seamless integration with Office 365, Slack, and our intranet platform, you’ll gain back precious hours in your day that you would have spent painstakingly organizing your lists… and instead, enjoy a sync that auto-updates in the background.

Here’s what Kristofer Stamp, Communications Manager with OE Federal Credit Union, had to say about what audience segmentation and our Push communication feature did for their internal comms:

“Ultimately, [this feature] has allowed us to deliver the right communications to the right people, at the right time, on the right channels. We’re seeing improved communications performance, compliance, and employee behaviors as a result.”

And we promise you’ll never lose track of a message again! Group all your internal comms in folders by campaign, or tag each message for quick content categorization.

With these features and more, our software will help you organize your internal comms messaging—opening you up to focus on the actual content and mechanics of your work.

Better engage your employees with our Push communication feature

Internal comms has the fantastic ability to keep your employees engaged and invested in their work—if done well. Out technology will help your messages stand out from the noise and make a real impact on your interactions with staffers.

Let’s start with the basics: our simple message builder (built into our multi-channel messaging feature) is all about helping you build clear, purposeful messages. After pulling a URL, adding an image, writing your message, and taking advantage of the other features, you’re ready to blast out your comms.

Once it comes time to send your message, our software allows you to do so through Office 365, Slack, our intranet platform, and SMS, but it also lets employees set their own channel preferences, too. They’ll never miss an update again once they can choose how they prefer to receive company messaging, and your engagement rates will get higher, too. You can choose to send each message as either “normal” or “urgent,” with options to use a specific channel or send according to employee preference.

Integrate with Office 365, Slack, and Teams

Employees still not getting back to you in a timely manner? With our multi-channel messaging feature, you can set up automatic reminders as you send your message.

And finally, you’ll be able to take the guesswork out of employee satisfaction with our software’s ability to gather high-quality feedback from your employees. There are five different ways to do so—so no matter what you need to ask, there’s the perfect way to solicit responses.

Regularly asking your employees for their thoughts and integrating their channel preferences may seem like big adjustments to make to your internal comms practices, but with our technology, they’re simple.

For companies with sizeable employee bases, engagement can make all the difference. With over 600 new staff arriving each winter season, Sun Peaks’ HR & employee engagement department understands the importance of making their staff feel a part of their community, and they worked towards that goal with our technology.

“Seasonal employees work all over the mountain and are most difficult to reach, but they are the ones who want to be kept most informed,” explained Helen Davies, Director of Employee Experience and HR at Sun Peaks Resort. “[IC’s software] fixes that problem and connects us with our most inaccessible staff.”

Measure the successes of your internal comms efforts

What does internal comms success mean without the ability to quantitatively measure it (and adjust accordingly)? With our multi-channel messaging feature, you can track your efforts with two different analytics tools, gaining crucial visibility into how you’re doing.

The first way you can measure your work is with the message dashboard, which lets you get specific with individual reports for each message, showing you conversion, channels, and employee response. You’ll be able to view all of your messages in one central place, whether they’re drafted, scheduled, or sent.

The second way you can track your efforts is through the data and reporting dashboard. This dashboard shows your overall data, handing you high-level insight on channels, messages, audiences, timing, conversions, and sentiments. Even better, the data is easily downloadable, allowing you to work with it on whatever platform you choose and present it to your leadership team.

Take your internal comms to the next level with dedicated software

Hopefully we’ve sold you on the fact that our internal comms software could revolutionize your communications efforts. Internal comms are an integral part of any organization’s picture of success, and sometimes, you need a technological solution to make a world of difference.

Interested in learning more about our Push communication feature? You can start a free trial or book a demo today!

By Samantha McCabe