Introducing our Resort Communications Training Program

By Samantha McCabe
July 21, 2021
3 min read
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A high-energy, high-turnover seasonal workforce presents a major challenge for internal communicators. Add in the pressure of being a massive resort with a loyal customer base to welcome back after the height of the pandemic, and communication with employees becomes a high-stakes matter.

That’s why we decided to create our new Resort Communications Training Program (RCTP), an exclusive, limited-time offer for professionals working in the resort industry. In 60 days or less, our internal communications experts will prime you to better reach your seasonal employees across the entire employment cycle, leading to a host of benefits. 

After all, better employee experiences start with better communication—and you’ll also save time, money, and gain a competitive advantage. Read on for all the details, and to find out whether this program is right for you and your team.  

What kind of benefits could participating in this program bring me?    

After registering for the RCTP, you’ll have the choice between both in-person or online expert sessions across a 60-day period (though sessions can be scheduled more closely together for a faster learning experience).  

You’ll walk away with an improved pre-onboarding process, a communications plan used for urgent matters and emergencies, and an improved employee offboarding and engagement strategy. The idea is to address the entire cycle of the employee journey, so you’re leaving no gaps—and in the process, you’ll take away any ambiguity and put the needs of your employees first. 

Here are the tangible results you can expect after completing this program: 

  • Reduce attrition: Sourcing and recruiting new talent is expensive. The RCTP will help you make sure that your employees show up—and stay—for the entire season, building a stronger community and smarter workforce year after year.  
  • Increase engagement: Did someone say community? The RCTP will aid you in creating a great employee experience through clear, consistent communication. 
  • Boost repeat seasons: Building on the above two points, we’ll make sure you delight your employees so that they want to come back next year. 
  • Create ambassadors: When those employees return each year, you want them to bring their most talented friends! The RCTP will help you improve your eNPS and create loyal, lifetime promoters of your business.  

Every resort is different, and employees are not one like-minded monolith—they’re unique. With that in mind, our experts will customize each session to your organization’s specific needs and work to identify the areas where you may benefit from more attention.  

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How will I put my new internal comms expertise to work?  

We know that you can only strategize your internal communications so much before you need the technology to help support your actions. Our methodology plus technology approach ensures that you can nurture employee ambassadors that will return year after year. 

Once you start the Resort Communications Training Program, you’ll gain access to our multi-channel internal communications tool. This feature, housed within our intranet technology, helps you organize the chaos of your internal comms, engage your employees by keeping them invested and connected, and track your progress with real-time analytics tools. Some of the features that help accomplish that include an intelligent message-builder; ways to schedule in reminders and nudge employees seamlessly; integration with SMS, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and more; and the ability to segment your employees into discrete audiences.  

Helen Davies, Director of Employee Experience and HR at Sun Peaks Resort, used this feature to help transform her internal comms efforts—during the difficult time of COVID-19, no less:  

“Seasonal employees work all over the mountain and are most difficult to reach, but they are the ones who want to be kept most informed. [This feature] fixes that problem and connects us with our most inaccessible staff.”  

Get involved with the Resort Communications Training Program

You could have the best intentions when it comes to building a great employee experience for your seasonal resort staff, but without good communications, you won’t get there.  

Does this program sound like something that could really benefit your connection with employees? We would love to chat about whether the Resort Communications Training Program is right for you, and how we can make your goals come to life. Fill out this form to connect with us and learn more!

By Samantha McCabe