Intranet for Internal Communication | DO’s and DONT’S

By Jasmine Long
March 25, 2024
4 min read

 In the realm of employee productivity and collaboration, intranets stand as pillars of efficient internal communication. However, most of the time their effectiveness hinges on proper utilization. 

To successfully implement and utilize an intranet for internal communication, organizations must adopt strategic approaches tailored to their unique needs. This entails aligning the intranet’s functionality with the organization’s communication goals and fostering user adoption through comprehensive training and support. Even though it all might sound like a lot of work, such a tool as a properly set up intranet can bring a lot of value to an organization. 

Research by the Work Institute indicates that a well-implemented internal communications system can boost retention rates by a staggering 450%. Yet, no doubt, investing in an intranet without grasping its significance can lead to diminished returns. Modern intranets transcend mere digital filing systems; they are dynamic tools for fostering connectivity and efficiency in any workplace. 

However, by establishing clear guidelines for content management and governance, organizations can ensure that the intranet remains a valuable single source of truth and internal communication for employees. Moreover, integrating the intranet with existing communication channels and workflows adds to its effectiveness in disseminating information. 

In this blog, we’d like to look at specific areas and do’s and don’ts on how the intranet can be leveraged to optimize internal communication:

Tailoring to YOUR team

One size does not fit all. To harness the full potential of your intranet, align its functionality with your team’s preferences and communication habits. Whether it’s email or Slack, seamlessly integrating your intranet into the communication tools your team is already using is key. Familiarize yourself with the spectrum of intranet products available, ranging from basic to highly customizable solutions.

Maximizing communication with custom dashboards

Customized dashboards catered to each department or team streamline workflows and ensure relevant information is readily accessible. Furthermore, optimized workflows reduce confusion by facilitating seamless document routing and approvals, enhancing productivity and collaboration.

Fostering community via a friendly social platform

Beyond facilitating formal communication, intranets serve as virtual water coolers, fostering casual interactions and idea-sharing. Emphasizing social connectivity, they cultivate a sense of community within the organization. Effortless mingling online can become a norm with a proper intranet setup, which is especially crucial for the hybrid of desk-less employees.

Tool integration and streamlining alerts

Effective intranets integrate seamlessly with existing communication channels, ensuring messages reach employees through their preferred mediums. By centralizing information dissemination, intranets mitigate alert fatigue and enhance message relevance. Because when one hears that intranet update chime – it must be the good news.

Transparent processes for less confusion

Intranets provide clear visibility into workflows, simplifying tracking and accountability. From submission to approval, every step is documented, fostering transparency and trust.

Simple daily routine improvements like this can ease anyone’s day.

Organizational strategies for better “comms”

To maintain clarity amidst the influx of information known as hundreds of acronyms and departmental lingo, it’s useful to utilize features like content tagging and categorization. 

In addition, departmental or team portals that facilitate targeted communication and collaboration can be great for enhancing efficiency no matter how specialized the workforce is. 

Empowering institutions across industries

In the finance, medical or government sectors, where clarity is paramount, intranets serve as game-changers. By consolidating information and updates in one accessible platform, they promote transparency and coherence across diverse functions. HR and marketing teams, in particular, benefit from streamlined communication and unified branding, enhancing efficiency and consistency.

Above all, to optimize intranet usage and steer clear of the most common pitfalls it’s important to create a non-complicated user interface, dedicate time to training, avoid overloading it with irrelevant information, and set up systems to monitor usage metrics properly. Regular assessment by internal communications management teams, whether that’s a specific internal comms person/team or part of the IT, HR or Marketing departments, can ensure continuous improvement and alignment with organizational goals.

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By Jasmine Long

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