Internal recruitment: Three places to post (or promote) internal jobs

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October 28, 2019
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Internal Job Posting

In this post, we review three places that you can post (or promote) jobs to support internal recruitment on your organization’s intranet environment. Read on to learn more!

What is an internal job posting?

Promoting a job opening within a company helps retain top talent and grow your organization. One way to ensure job openings acquire knowledgeable and qualified candidates is by opening them up to existing employees. An internal job posting on your intranet software allows ambitious employees to grow by stepping up instead of stepping out of your company.

What are the benefits of internal recruitment?

There are multiple benefits to hiring from within, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Finding candidates that are knowledgeable about your product and company
  • Having top talent move up instead of moving on
  • Reducing training and onboarding time
  • Maintaining brand culture
  • Receiving great reference candidates from your current talent pool

What intranet application works best to post a job opening?

When it comes to posting jobs on your intranet you can begin by creating a Job Openings application. Job Openings allows you to share current positions within your organization in one, easy-to-access, location for all employees.

Employees can either apply for open positions or recommend a colleague they believe would be a good fit. The Job Openings functionality includes the ability to upload resumes and cover letters as well as setting an Automated Approval Workflow that will send applications directly to HR or the hiring manager.

Job Openings includes a pre-made form that can easily be filled out by the Hiring Manager that includes; the title of the job, starting and closing dates, location, required qualifications and skills, salary, and more. Although these forms are pre-made, there are plenty of opportunities to customize them based on your needs. For example; you may require them to attach a writing sample, include their level of education, etc. These options ensure you post exactly what you need to get the job filled.

Tip: By moving the job application process online, you can completely eliminate paper forms and confusion.

In addition to the Job Posting form, Job Openings comes with a convenient application form that enables employees to apply directly on your intranet. The application form dynamically pulls the job applicant’s name, email, supervisor, and any other employee information from their Employee Profile.

Employees can easily apply through an Online Application Form, and from there, the form will go through an approval workflow. This simplifies the application process and significantly speeds it up.

Tip: Use a Job Openings application or customize your own internal job posting workflow by customizing online forms!

How can you effectively promote internal job postings?

You’ve created the internal job posting but now you want to get the word out. There are 3 ways to promote an internal job posting: engaging, targeting, and announcing!

  1. Engage Employees With A Home Page Feed
    Don’t leave employees to search for job openings! Your intranet Home Page is the first thing employees see when they login to utilize this prime real estate by adding a Job Openings feed. Tip: Add Job Openings to your top navigation for quick and easy access!
  2. Target Skills and Experience With Team/Department Sites
    When positions become available, they usually require a specific set of skills and experience. To ensure your Job Opening is getting in front of the right people, add a feed to targeted Team/Department Sites. This ‘at a glance’ feed is now in an area dedicated to the employees suitable for the position. Tip: Separate your Job Openings positions into departments to easily promote positions in key areas of your intranet.
  3. Announce New Positions With A Company Announcement
    Although announcing a position via Company News reaches a broad audience, it shows that your organization cares about filling this position with the right person! This can inspire employees to either submit an application or recommend a colleague they think would be a good fit.

Tip: Employees will feel motivated to grow within a company if they feel there are opportunities and support from management to do so!

Have you promoted an internal job posting on your intranet? We’d love to hear about your experience, and don’t be afraid to contact us to find out more about our intranet software!

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