Why SharePoint isn’t enough for your internal communications plan in 2023

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April 21, 2023
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Why SharePoint isn

Having an effective internal communications plan has never been more important as companies struggle to attract top talent to their organizations. Traditional methods of talent acquisition are no longer enough to compete in this modern era. Businesses must develop innovative and engaging communication strategies to build strong relationships with their employees and foster a positive company culture.

Importance of an Internal Communications Plan

A solid internal communications plan is one that includes multiple channels of communication and provides employees with access to company information in a variety of formats. It ensures that employees have access to the information they need to do their jobs effectively, reducing the time wasted on searching for information. Effective internal communication also leads to increased employee engagement, increased productivity and higher job satisfaction.

While many companies understand the importance of having an internal communications plan in place, most do not have a proper implementation strategy. Simply having Sharepoint set up for internal document sharing isn’t enough. Unfortunately, many organizations believe Sharepoint alone can solve employee communication and productivity. 

Why Use Sharepoint in 2023

Sharepoint is a document sharing platform that companies use to communicate internal policies and procedures. It’s widely used because it is convenient, companies can start for free and also integrates with the large suite of other Microsoft products. 

Pros and Cons of Sharepoint

As mentioned, Sharepoint is inexpensive (at the beginning), easy to implement and easily integrated with other software. However, it should not be the sole platform any company uses as a part of its internal communications plan. 

Sharepoint’s ability to handle company growth is limited, and despite its customization options, implementing changes often leads to a significant increase in workload for IT departments. Even minor modifications can take weeks or even months to implement, which can hinder a company’s growth and progress. 

Additionally, Sharepoint is not designed for employee engagement. No internal calendar, no employee news or communication at all. It will also inevitably lead to higher costs in the future.

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Creating a Comprehensive Internal Communications Plan

Internal communications is more than just a document sharing platform. It’s about building a company culture, improving communication between employees and teams, and creating a positive work environment. 

Research shows that employees actually value a company’s culture and value more than wages and benefits when it comes to choosing a place of work. An effective communications plan can have long-lasting benefits to a business’s performance, its employee happiness and culture. In order to achieve this, your company needs the right intranet provider.

Company Intranet

A company intranet is an all-encompassing tool that allows organizations to do much more than just share documents. Along with document sharing, it allows for better internal communication, personalized push notifications for each employee and team, culture building activities and employee encouragement and motivation. 

Implementing the right company intranet provider will create a fun working environment. making it feel less like work and more like a group of people who were brought together for a meaningful purpose. 

Another major issue with employee engagement is that companies often do not have means  of measuring success.

The Role of Technology in Internal Communications Plan

Technology plays a crucial role in a company intranet. These technologies allow organizations to reach employees in real-time and provide them with the information they need to be successful. Technology also enables companies to track employee engagement and monitor the success of their internal communications plans.

It is also extremely important to consider security when choosing an intranet provider. We’re talking about important, internal company documents that contain sensitive information. For example, Intranet Connections is compliant with all major North American security standards and regulatory requirements. This way, your company can feel safe knowing internal documents are in the right hands.

Considerations When Creating a Company Intranet 

Most companies have one, but many fail to utilize the true benefits of a company intranet. Whether your company is building an intranet from scratch or handing off the task to a third party, the leadership team has many things to consider. If done properly, a well-designed intranet platform can do wonders for the internal communications and employee engagement of a company. Here’s what your team must considers when building a company intranet:

Define Objectives: Before creating an internal communications plan, you need to define the objectives that the plan will aim to achieve. Objectives can range from improving employee morale to increasing collaboration between departments, and should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART). Poorly defined goals and objectives will put you on a track that is going nowhere. 

Identify Target Audiences: Understanding your target audience is critical to creating an effective internal communications plan. Each employee will have different communication preferences, so it’s important to identify these groups and develop messaging that speaks to their unique needs and interests.

Create Messaging: After defining your objectives and identifying your target audiences, the next step is to create messaging that will resonate with employees. Connecting with employees through proper messaging channels and techniques will build morale and define tasks and goals. It’s also important to create messaging that reaffirms your brand’s message.

Select Communication Channels: Different channels may be more effective for different types of messages or audiences. Ideally you want to use a mix of channels (email, messaging, and push notifications) to reach employees. If you work with an intranet provider, they will help select the right communication channels that will get the most out of employees and help achieve the desired goals.

Measure Success: To determine the effectiveness of your internal communications plan, it’s important to establish metrics for success and regularly measure progress. This can include tracking engagement metrics, surveying employees for feedback, and monitoring the plan’s impact on the organization’s goals and objectives.

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