Important intranet features financial organizations should look for

By Aimee Happ
December 9, 2021
3 min read
Cost benefit analysis and calculation of intranet features.

No matter your industry, having a solid intranet in place offers a wealth of benefits. Not only does it help you keep your most important information organized and centralized, but it also lets your employees stay engaged, collaborate better, and keep your business running smoothly overall.

These benefits are particularly useful for financial institutions, whose internal communications processes often require multiple approval levels and ways to save cost and time. So what intranet features should organizations look for when choosing their intranet software? We’re sharing the top ones to keep in mind!

Intranet feature #1: automated processes

A solid intranet provides—among other things—practical and innovative solutions, such as online forms and workflow automation. As a financial institution, you no doubt have hierarchical structures and requests often need to go through a multi-level approval process.

Ideally, your intranet should let you easily create online forms that greatly increase workflow automation. This way, you can streamline the approval process at every level. Our customers have reported saving $100,000’s per year just from this feature.

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Intranet feature #2: permissions & compliance management

A good intranet makes life simple for employees! A must-have feature for financial institutions is the ability to create different financial sites. For example, you could build out your own compliance team site, where you store resources for your team including calendars, compliance discussions, compliance training, risk assessments, and more.

You should also consider restricting access to your compliance site to only your compliance team members. If need be, you can easily copy or replicate your compliance team site and use it as a template for a new board of directors site, or any other site you might need on your intranet.

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Intranet feature #3: data security

This one goes without saying. As a financial institution, data security is paramount. Opt for a financial intranet that lets you use your own private network or a secure cloud-based server to protect your customer and employee data.

IC’s intranet support team can help you choose the best security option for your organization and provide advice on how to maximize your protection.

Intranet features shown on both a laptop and a tablet.

Intranet feature #4: communication functions

A strong intranet makes it easy for employees across departments to engage with one another, with the help of multiple custom branch sites.

For example, using IC’s intranet software, create a self-service branch site featuring a training calendar on the page with links to upcoming events, such as lunch and learns. In addition, you can feature employees from other branches on different branch sites so staff from various locations can get to know one another.

Apply intranet best practices with the #1 financial intranet software

At IC, we’ve built multiple intranet best practices into our employee intranet software to ensure the needs of your organization are met. Our latest eBook covers the many features you can find in a financial intranet, and best practices on how to utilize them effectively for your organization. Download and read it for free here.

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By Aimee Happ

Aimee Happ is proud to lead the marketing team at IC and enjoys working with the dynamic and diverse team that surrounds her. She is inspired on a daily basis by the company's mission of empowering internal communicators. Aimee holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Calgary and loves to travel.