IC Stories: How Michele Ferraz mastered internal comms with IC

Michele Ferraz
By Michele Ferraz
June 13, 2022
3 min read
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Note from editor: Every once in a while, we like to feature a new voice on our blog, in the form of a guest-written essay on how our teammates use IC’s internal comms software to more efficiently do their work. In this blog, our Office Manager, Michele Ferraz, talks about her experience using our intranet software in her day-to-day work. As office manager, Michele uses our intranet more than almost anyone else in our company. She is in charge of sending out Push messages, updating our intranet (which we call “ICONIC”—IC on IC), and all employee communication, from onboarding to birthdays and anniversaries.

Michele, in her own words

I started working at IC just a few days before the COVID-19 pandemic totally changed how we work. As a new office manager, I was suddenly responsible for ensuring a smooth transition from in-person work to being completely remote, all while still in the onboarding process. My role as an Office Manager puts me in charge of duties such as hiring, termination, accounts receivable, accounts payable, purchasing of equipment and supplies, vendors administration, executive support, and events. That’s a long list for one person, and using our software is key to my being able to balance all of these tasks.

Everything I do has to be updated in ICONIC. Besides employees’ personal information, all the documents and information that I have to share on Iconic are meant to be easily accessible, digestible, and findable for our entire company. Our internal communication efforts depend on me keeping our single source of truth up to date and, well, truthful! What is nice about our software solution is that it allows be to me so much more productive, as I don’t need to individually update each member of our team about company wide information.

From the moment I onboard a new hire, I ensure that they know how, when, and where to access important updates, files, and information on Iconic. That way, I know they will have easy access to our most important files throughout their tenure at IC. And, as a bonus, it allows employees to feel more autonomous and independent, without HR or an Office Manager having to constantly be reminding them of things.

Illustration of IC's internal comms software

With the Push communication extension, I can also send really urgent messaging to each employee’s preferred channel directly from the intranet. This really makes sure that things like form approvals, emergencies, and important documents are viewed by employees in a timely manner—and with advanced data analytics, I can track the open rates and see which employees may have missed the message and need a follow-up message! I cannot wait for the upcoming software updates that will make this feature even more efficient for me!

I couldn’t imagine doing my work without proper intranet software. I would recommend that anyone in an office manager position urge their organization to adopt an intranet, in order to save time with internal communications, keep everyone in the company up-to-date, and increase the productivity of people in HR, comms, and marketing roles.

People like Michele need good internal comms software…

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Michele Ferraz
By Michele Ferraz

Michele is Intranet Connections office manager! She has lead the internal comms for IC through COVID, a rebrand, and an office relocation.