Intranet Connections Rebrand: A Q&A with our CEO

By Darian Mavandad
June 1, 2022
4 min read
Intranet Connections rebrand

Any time there’s a change in a company’s name, we know it can be a bit confusing. That’s why we sat down for an interview with Intranet Connections’ CEO, Rob Nikkel, and put together this information. We hope it answers any questions you may have.

Q: Why Intranet Connections?

A: As you may know, Intranet Connections is the name we used for 20 years since inception in 1999 up until 2019. Many of our customers still refer to us as Intranet Connections, or simply IC, even today. We’ve decided to return to our roots and reinforce our future plans—which are 100% around improving our intranet software and employee in the workplace.

Q: Does the name change signal other changes with your people or ownership?

 A: No. Our people, our ownership, and our values are not changing. We have always been committed to providing the best customer experience, and you can expect that same level of excellence whether you are a prospect working with our sales team, or a customer needing support. What the name change does signal is our renewed commitment to our core product: our intranet software.

Q: Does the name change signal software changes?

A: Yes! We have some big updates coming soon! Our Push communications feature will soon have even tighter integration with our intranet software—streamlining the way you send important communications to your employees’ devices, on platforms such as Teams, Slack, email, or SMS. It also will bring our customers closer to Intranet 3.0. These changes will be rolling out later this month as part of a major software release, so stay tuned!

Q: How do you think the branding represents Intranet Connection’s mission? 

 A: Our brand name more clearly represents our commitment to the intranet software space. It also plays in nicely with one of the main benefits we offer our customers: improved connections in the workplace.

Q: What do you hope the rebranding achieves for your current and future customers?

 A: So many of our customers have been with us for 10, 15, and even 20 years—and they’ve always known us as Intranet Connections. For future customers, we hope that our name reflects the simplicity of our core product—and how tightly all our offerings (the intranet, the Push communications extension, and our internal comms framework) are integrated into one platform, to help you reach your goals, right out of the box.   

Q: What qualities do you think have contributed most to your, and the IC team’s, successes? 

 A: Being clear about our values. Each one of our employees exemplifies our SPICED values (Simplicity, Positivity, Integrity, Creativity, Empathy, and Diversity).  And being clear about our mottos too! “Give to get” and “try new things”, for example, as we explore ways to bring additional value for customers and lead with generosity.

Another big aspect of our success is practicing what we preach! We’re in the business of internal comms, and ensuring employees are all connected, and I am proud to say that starts right at home. By using our intranet software and adhering to our own best practices, training our employees on internal comms, having them practice it in our huddles, and being organized and efficient in everything we do. We strive to keep our team in the loop, and understand what others are doing and how each teammate is integral to our organization.

Q: What are the unique challenges of rebranding a company with a long and beloved history? 

 A: We want to make sure that each one of our customers understands that the values and experiences they love about working with IC are lasting. We hope that each customer understands that while IC’s name is changing, the level of partnership we provide each customer will only increase.

Q: What’s happening to Source, Reach, and Drive?

 A: “Source”, the previous name for our intranet software is now simply “IC’s intranet solution” and “Reach”, the former name for our multi-channel messaging tool, is now our “Push communications” feature. “Drive”, our services and internal comms framework, still exists, just without the name, and is instead interwoven into the support we offer our customers, from onboarding through optimization.

Q: Didn’t you just rebrand to IC Thrive?

 A: In early 2019, the company rebranded to IC Thrive and introduced new products to spawn innovation for its customers. While this setup a structure to support that, it also brought some division of our resources and confusion for customers.  We recognized now is the time for convergence and to return to simplicity.  We have become increasingly aware that many of our customers and stakeholders still refer to us as Intranet Connections. Listening to our customers’ feedback is a key part of our success, and simplicity is one of our founding values. That’s why we’ve come back to the name Intranet Connections. This rebrand is in line with the feedback we’ve collected, and we are excited to say that ‘Intranet Connections’ is here to stay.

Q: Who do we contact with further questions or feedback?

A: Our customer support team is more than happy to assist you with questions and/or feedback! We love hearing from our customers and working with them to deliver the best experience possible. Contact them over email at [email protected] or at 1.844.924.9770.

By Darian Mavandad

Darian has a degree from McGill University, and joined IC to empower internal communicators by creating content that inspires. In his free time, he loves traveling, reading, and skiing.