Getting Creative with Intranet Names – 9 Examples

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August 22, 2018
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Did you know that your intranet name plays a crucial role in boosting employee adoption and engagement in your company? Keep reading to understand how.

Ok, so you have done your due diligence and research on different intranet solutions, and you probably have a phone book of criteria and vendor matrices. You have researched all the vendors, gone through all of the demos, listened to all the different sales reps rattle on about how great their solution is, how much it’s going to save you over time, and increase productivity. 

Now you have come to the point that if someone even says the word intranet one more time, you will probably quit your job and go into sheep herding.

Before you sell all your valuables and purchase a flock of sheep, I’m here to tell you a little secret about your new intranet and how to really maximize its benefit to your organization by enhancing employee engagement. It’s about choosing a creative intranet name, and this can be a fun challenge.

Get creative with intranet names

The Personal Touch

Most of our customers agree that personalizing their company intranet is important, and the most common way they seek to do this is to spend time creating a unique and custom design. Design is an effective way to engage your users with your newly implemented solution, making intranet interactions more enjoyable and even more efficient.  However, something often overlooked; an even easier, faster, and less costly method of personalizing your intranet is simply giving it an intranet name.

Accepting Your Intranet as One of the Team

You may notice that other systems used within your company are referred to by a name rather than the type of system they are. You don’t tell someone to look for a customer in the Customer Relationship Management System. You tell them to look in “Salesforce”, or “Max” (Maximizer). 

Unlike these other systems though, your intranet is not tied to a specific department. Your Intranet is a company-wide living entity. OK, it may not buy you beers on a Friday, but it will be there to find documents for you, assist you in booking your vacation request, help find your coworkers, and so on. 

Therefore, it is even more important to be treated as a necessary part of your organization’s day-to-day operations – part of the ‘team’, so to speak. Here are some of our favorites:-

Top 9 examples of creative intranet names

 9 examples of creative intranet names

1) MILO: Mountains of Information Logically Organized

I remember at a previous company I worked for, we had an intranet named MILO. MILO stood for “Mountains of Information Logically Organized”. After finding out MILO contained over 92000 pages of information, I remember thinking, “hey… that makes sense”. 

When a manager didn’t have an answer for you, they would usually reply, “go ask MILO”.  MILO was our go-to with a personality all her own.

2) IConIC: Internal Communication at IC

Here at IC Thrive, we use our own intranet software. We call it “IConIC” aka Internal Communications on IC. We use it as the single source of truth for all company news, documents, forms, workflows, and event information. We also get creative with our employee profiles and have fun sharing interesting videos and news on our storyboard.

IConIC displays photos from our company events, lists all our employee information, houses our documents, allows us to fill out and submit our timesheets online, and much much more. It’s a valuable and reliable part of IC Thrive and helps to promote our unique corporate culture. Because the name is a play on words, it has stuck and is used on a daily basis. “It’s on IConIC”, “Check out IConIC”, “E just had her baby girl, see Berlin’s pic on IConIC”.

Other Intranet Name Examples

With over 20 years in the intranet software business, we hear some pretty unique and creative intranet names.  My favorite are those who personalize the intranet name in relation to their business processes, such as:

3) Glove Box: The Bob Moore Auto Group

4) Fetch: The San Diego Humane Society

5) The Chef: Specialty Food Association

Some of our customers take the idea of the intranet as a central internal communication system into account when naming their intranet. Such examples include:

6) CAA Connect: The Canadian Automobile Associations

7) Talking Point: The Lewis Group

8) The Peak: by Summit Funding

9) NOVA: By Sunova

Naming your intranet doesn’t have to be complicated, and there are lots of articles and resources out there that offer suggestions and ideas on creative intranet names.  It is really just a way to engage your users with your new intranet system, and give your intranet manager, who sat through all those demos, compiled all the data, and eventually chose an intranet system, a chance to have a bit of fun.

If you have an interesting intranet name, I would love to hear about it. Please leave your comments below. 
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