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May 29, 2012
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We’re excited to announce the launch of our new eBook: 101 Intranet Ideas.

Industry thought-leaders and intranet managers share what they know in a collection of 101 snippets of advice and ideas for your intranet. Whether you are just starting out with an intranet, thinking about an intranet, or wanting to leverage what you already have, this eBook has practical ideas to help you get creative.

101 Intranet Ideas eBook

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How do other people do it? There are so many great intranet ideas to leverage! Download our free eBook 101 INTRANET IDEAS featuring 101 ideas and advice from intranet thought leaders and Intranet Connections customers.

A sincere thanks to our customers, supporters, and the intranet Twitter community. Your work with intranets has inspired this eBook and the hope that your ideas and advice will help others.If you like the 101 Intranet Ideas, or have your own to share, feel free to contact us at

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