Escape The SharePoint Chaos: Transform Your Employee Directory Experience

By Jasmine Long
June 26, 2024
4 min read


If you’re using a SharePoint Employee Directory, you’ll empathize with the following anecdote. 

Imagine walking into a library searching for a specific book. You come to the librarian and ask for the book and she tells you that, since they moved aisles, it’s been a bit messy. The book that you’re looking for is somewhere in aisle three. 

As soon as you find aisle three, a sense of dread washes over you—there are at least three thousand books there, and they aren’t categorized. How will you find your book? Well, you’ll start at the beginning of the aisle and slowly check every book until you find the one you need. 

This is how people feel when they open an employee directory in SharePoint. It’s messy, cluttered, and completely disorganized. Because of these and many more disadvantages of SharePoint’s employee directory “solution,” we’ll help you gather your information, download your SharePoint employee Directory, and migrate to a more efficient and user-friendly system. 

But first, let’s see what makes SharePoint so bad at employee directories. 

7 reasons why you should migrate your employee directory from SharePoint

SharePoint is firstly a content management system (CMS); it only added an employee directory “solution” to its core function later on. So it’s no wonder that some functions, like searching for information, are next to impossible in their interface— it simply can’t provide a high level of service in that regard because it’s not meant for that. 

Here are the seven elements that make SharePoint insufficient: 

  1. Incomplete and outdated content. You have to manually refresh your content information on SharePoint. This makes it a living nightmare when it comes to auto-governance— you have to spend hours each week just updating information in the system. Nobody has time for that. And if you don’t update the information, you have incomplete and/or outdated information which serves no purpose.  
  2. You can’t pinpoint information. What’s worse than not having the right information in the system? Having the right information in the system but being completely unable to find it. This is how it feels to use SharePoint’s employee directory. 
  3. No relevant results. Not only is the search function broken in their system, but you often don’t get back the results you want if you don’t write the exact query in the search box. 
  4. Poor permission structure. Even when you write the exact search query in the search box, you might get an empty result back if you don’t have the right permission to access that information. The information won’t be blurred out or locked— you won’t even see it in the system if you don’t have the right access.
  5. Hidden fees that make it expensive. SharePoint is free…only on the surface; you need to pay your IT person to manage the entire system which isn’t user-friendly. On top of that, you pay for the usage of the system per person, which can cost your business thousands of dollars a month.  
  6. Nonexistent mobile search experience. The desktop search functions are bad, but they look great in comparison to the mobile search experience. There’s no way an employee would be able to find any information in the SharePoint employee directory if they used their mobiles. 
  7. Scalability is a problem. The bigger the library of information, the more it takes for the system to find the right information. This creates plenty of lag and slower responses, causing massive time waste for anyone searching for information.

Employees can’t find anything on SharePoints’s employee directory; the entire system is unengaging, old, too expansive, and time-consuming to be worth it. 

But you don’t have to fear if you have information on their servers. We’ll help you find alternatives so you can download your Sharepoint employee directory and migrate it to a better platform.  

Why Intranet Connections is a good alternative to migrate your employee directory

Migrating your employee directory can appear like a daunting task, but with the right support, it will be a simple solution. 

Intranet Connections is a great option for your new employee directory home. We provide admin training sessions, unlimited phone/email support, and a knowledge base you can access any time of the day (or night). 

In addition, we’re highly customizable, so you can pick your site layout, easily give access to anyone you want using the employee directory, and use automation tools to make the transition and future usage as easy as possible. 


The right time to optimize your employee directory was years ago; the second base time is now. A purpose-built employee directory is one of HR’s best weapons for creating skill inventories, internal mobility and discovering any hidden talents or skills your employee might have. Download our FREE eBook Sitting On a Goldmine: Uncovering the Hidden Experts and Skills in Your Organization” here to find out more! 

By Jasmine Long

Jasmine is passionate about harnessing the power of digital marketing to drive social impact. She previously was the Communications Assistant at Jumpstart Refugee Talent, a nonprofit dedicated to facilitating employment opportunities for refugees in Canada. She is currently the Marketing Coordinator for Intranet Connections!