Enhancing customer success: “Step-by-Step” intranet learning sessions at IC

By Danielle Villeneuve
November 20, 2020
6 min read
Intranet learning sessions at IC Thrive

At IC Thrive, our workplace culture is fueled by our shared core values (SPICED) and the simple, yet significant mottos that help guide us to do our best work. One of our guiding internal mottos is, “Help Someone Learn Every Day”. This applies to both our colleagues and to our customers. 

This September, the Customer Experience team at IC Thrive took this motto to a new level with the launch of a new cohort-based intranet learning program for our customers called “Step-by-Step”. Danielle Villeneuve, Account Executive at IC Thrive, had the chance to chat with Raquel Munuera, IC Thrive’s Step-by-Step Program Leader and Customer Success Manager, to learn more about the program. Here’s what she had to say: 

Behind scenes of the Step-by-Step intranet learning sessions

Danielle Villeneuve: Thanks so much for meeting with me, Raquel. Can you tell me about your role at IC Thrive? 

Raquel Munuera: As a Customer Success Manager, I am here to help customers be successful with their intranets. That can include supporting “how-to” questions and achieving certain goals using the software. What we want is for each of our clients to have an amazing intranet experience. 

Danielle Villeneuve: What is the inspiration behind the Step-by-Step intranet learning sessions? 

Raquel Munuera: The Customer Experience team started to notice that a lot of our customers would come to us and say, “I have an old intranet and I want to re-design it and I don’t know how,” or “I’m new in the organization, I need to learn how to use the software. Can I have some training?” A lot of client needs were similar, so I spoke to Michelle Desmarais, the co-host of the program, and we decided to create a group where we could easily review the basics, help with redesigns, and teach our customers how to do more with their intranet. From that, the Step-by-Step intranet learning cohort was born! 

Danielle Villeneuve: What types of content have you covered in the Step-by-Step intranet learning sessions? 

Raquel Munuera: So far, we’ve focused on topics related to the most used features and the most asked questions from help desk requests and customer emails. Here’s what our sessions have looked like: 

  • Session #1: The first session was all about the basics. We learned about sites, pages, and apps.  
  • Session #2: In this session, we focused on intranet design. We explored how to change colors, images, and themes. We also reviewed how to assign permissions.   
  • Session #3: Our third session was all about documents. We discussed how to write a document in different ways, add documents to the intranet, and set permissions on folders. 
  • Session #4: In this session, we talked about how to use forms and workflows.  
  • Session #5: Finally, our last session focused on using the employee directory and Storyboard
Intranet learning session

Participant response to the Step-by-Step intranet learning sessions

Danielle Villeneuve: What has the customer response been so far? Any surprises? 

Raquel Munuera: The response from customers has been incredibly positive, and we had no idea that the sessions were going to be so impactful. The more we talk to customers about the program, the more customers we get who want to join us.  

Our original idea was to start with around 10 customers, and we have far exceeded this. At our last session, we had over 30 customers participate, and we have at least 15 more who are interested in joining the next session. The number of people attending keeps getting bigger and bigger, and those who can’t make it live always ask for the recordings. There was a huge need for this type of training, and I am happy we were able to offer it! 

Here’s what our participants are saying…  

“I have been using IC for over 10 years and so, I feel like I know a lot of about the program, but these sessions have opened a whole new toolbox of functionality for us!”  

“I really enjoyed actually seeing how to change themes instead of reading from a manual. The visual presentation was very helpful to understand the different icons and what they do.”  

“Being able to ask questions during the training was great. I also LOVE the time and day of these sessions as well as the length of them. It makes it easy to fit into my schedule… This is such an innovative idea to deliver product education to your customers. Very convenient, informative, and efficient.”  

“The speaker took time to answer questions in between topics. The recording is provided by the team post-training. There were moderators who helped the speaker keep things on track.

Customer intranet learning session success

How to join the Step-by-Step intranet learning sessions or get support

Danielle Villeneuve: How can customers learn more about Step-by-Step or join the program? 

Raquel Munuera: The 2020 learning program is now finished for the year. We plan to re-start our cohort sessions again in early 2021, so if any of our intranet customers are interested in participating they can contact me to save their spot. Session recordings will also be made available for viewing on our Support Centre.  

Danielle Villeneuve: Does IC Thrive offer any other client education or intranet support? 

Raquel Munuera: Yes, we do. We have a variety of content articles and a growing video library in our online Support Centre. That’s also where we currently feature the recordings from our webinars and the Step-by-Step groups. More resources, such as blog articles and resource tools, are available on our website. We always welcome customer feedback about other content they would like to see. 

Danielle Villeneuve: Wow, this all sounds so exciting and unique. Raquel, I really appreciate your time today. Thank you so much and I look forward to the next Step-by-Step session. 

Raquel Munuera: Thank you and see you there! 

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By Danielle Villeneuve

Danielle Villeneuve is one of the new faces at IC Thrive and a first-timer into tech. She joined IC Thrive as a customer success manager and has grown into an account executive role for Reach. Danielle brings a BA in communications and more than 10+ years of experience in the service sector within various mid-level management, internal comms, and HR roles. Danielle is currently pursuing an HR Management Certificate to continue to grow her leadership skills. Curious by nature, she loves to ask a lot of questions.