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By Darian Mavandad
May 25, 2022
6 min read
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At IC, we have spent two decades working closely with over 600 organizations to provide better employee experiences. Whether that means boosting intranet engagement, streamlining workflows and approvals, or making sure workers are complying with company policies, IC has been there every step of the way for each of our customers. With that said, we always love when our customers share their successes with us—and when they let us share them with you! So, without further ado, here are 3 intranet success stories that we love!

OUCU Financial’s success with IC

OUCU Financial celebrated numerous wins after implementing IC’s powerful intranet solution. Just a few short months into implementation, they saw a 98% adoption rate for their new intranet, boosting employee engagement and creating a better experience for all employees. They were able to track these numbers via IC’s powerful intranet insights tool, and they could also see which employees weren’t visiting the intranet, to ensure that they could reach out and understand their barriers.

“The intranet statistics have been great to track adoption and engagement. I regularly use every facet of this feature.”

– Curtis Lewis, Project Coordinator and IT Administration Specialist, OUCU Financial

By building a knowledgebase within their intranet, employees were able to find relevant information more easily, ultimately saving 5-10 hours per week for staff—that’s a huge ROI!

“Having information in one place has definitely saved us a lot of time. Right now, I’d say the biggest time saver is our training inside our knowledge base. I would say it saves an overall five to ten hours per week for our staff, seeing as now they don’t need to ask someone else to find what they need. We’re even re-organizing our knowledgebase right now to make things even more efficient.”

– Curtis Lewis, Project Coordinator and IT Administration Specialist, OUCU Financial

Finally, they replaced their outdated PDFs with up-to-date forms and workflows on their intranet. With these two features, it is easier for HR and IT to confirm that employees are complaint with company policies, and make sure the most relevant information is presented to employees.

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A redesign for Metro Vancouver Transit Police lead to intranet success

The Metro Vancouver Transit Police is integral to keeping Metro Vancouver’s transit safe and operating smoothly—and we wanted to make sure their internal comms operated smoothly to better aid them in the important work that they do.

Transit Police have been a long-time customer of IC, using our software since 2010! About a decade later, their intranet was starting to get a little stale, and employee engagement was dropping, so they asked for assistance from the expert team at IC to turn around their internal comms.

With IC by their side, Transit Police managed to completely re-design their intranet to become more user friendly, accessible, and to better resonate with employees. As a bonus, their intranet looked more modern as well, making it a bit more pleasant to browse for employees.

“Working with IC Thrive made the desire to improve the platform an achievable goal and the consistent support at every stage of the redevelopment was very valuable.”

– Almas Meherally, Communications Advisor, Metro Vancouver Transit Police

In addition, IC suggested utilizing some of our unique features, such as intranet apps, to boost employee engagement. With a new office events calendar, a “buy and sell” app, and updated content, employees were able to see the intranet not just as a place to find important information, but also as a place to have some fun!

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Wyandot Behavioral Health Network navigated a crisis thanks to their IC intranet

Wyandot has 450 employees across 7 locations, and in the healthcare industry, organization and document management needs to be intuitive and up to date. That’s where IC’s team of experts came in. In six months, Wyandot had an up and running state-of-the art IC intranet, filled with content and documents needed for employees to conduct their duties. And it was just in the nick-of-time, as the COVID-19 pandemic hit just a few days after their intranet was up and running. Mental health services, which Wyandot provides, became more important than ever!

Wyandot’s staff, which include social workers, metal health professionals, and people who are often away from their desks, needed a single source of truth to quickly and easily find resources . After working with IC, their training site, mileage app, and help desk tickets now live on their cloud intranet. Quickly, COVID-19 resources were added as well, outlining remote work policies and procedures.

Intranet insights, a major feature of IC’s product, also came in handy. It would have been inefficient to individually survey each of the 400 employees to see what kind of intranet content resonated with them—but with intranet insights, these trends and employee behaviors provided valuable analytics that helped management tailor their intranet content to match what the majority of employees wanted to see.

“Staff really like practical information; holiday hours are the most looked at piece. I’ve had to tell the CEO, I’m sorry but you just can’t compete with holiday hours. It’s one of the things I love most about having an intranet as opposed to sending communications over email, is that you can measure it”

Allison McLain, Wyandot BHN Director of Communications

Wyandot is the perfect example of implementing an intranet solution before a crisis hits, so that employees already have the muscle memory to know where to check for important company updates, policies, and procedures.

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By Darian Mavandad

Darian has a degree from McGill University, and joined IC to empower internal communicators by creating content that inspires. In his free time, he loves traveling, reading, and skiing.